Rocket League: Ford F-150 coming to the game for a limited time

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Rocket League has long been favourite among gamers for its unique blend of sport and driving.


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Not only that, it has some superb crossovers. The lastest sees an American icon land in-game.

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Latest news - Lucky Lanterns is here!


The latest Rocket League promo, Lucky Lanterns, has landed in the game!

With new game modes and a lot of fresh rewards there is plenty to do and discover.

Ford F-150 Rocket League Edition

The amazing American truck is coming to Rocket League!

From 20-28 February, the Ford F-150 RL will be available in the Rocket League store.

rocket league F 150
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This beastly truck is sure to be a powerhouse in the game.


The Ford F-150 bundle will be available in the Rocket League item shop for 1,500 credits.

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THICC BOI: The Ford F-150 will be able to dominate other cars

This bundle includes the car, a set of standard and special edition wheels, boost, audio engio, player banner, and decal. All of which are themed after the special edition of this American classic.

Alongside a new, limited-time vehicle, Psyonix and Ford are also introducing a new competitive two-day event where the best freestyles in Rocket League will compete and demonstrate their best moves for a chance to win a real 2021 Ford F-150.


Promo codes

Not everything in Rocket League costs an arm and a leg.

There are from time to time some items that can be had for free via promo codes.

Right now there is only one promo code active in Rocket League.

  • Popcorn: Unlocks limited popcorn rocket boost