Is Rocket Racing Permanent in Fortnite?

Will Rocket Racing be permanent in Fortnite?

Will Rocket Racing be permanent in Fortnite?

Rocket Racing has come at a great time for racing fans. Those enjoying Rocket League but wanting to take the action to a track can now scratch that itch in Psyonix’s latest title in Fortnite. With Christmas now sorted, fans are already beginning to ask: is Rocket Racing permanent in Fortnite?

A different kind of action

Rocket Racing takes the successful Rocket League formula to the race tracks. With 26 tracks to race on and a multitude of cars, both new and transferred over from Rocket League, there’s a lot to keep players occupied.

Is Rocket Racing permanent in Fortnite?
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The concern for most players is that Rocket Racing is only a temporary addition to Fortnite. New maps, updates, and features that arrive in new seasons are often removed and replaced.

For Rocket Racing players, the feeling was the same. But as it turns out, there’s good news for racing fans.

Part of the furniture

Fortnite developers have confirmed that both LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing will remain in Fortnite way beyond the end of the current season. Not only that, but both will be continually updated with new seasons.

This suggests Rocket Racing is now part of the furniture, meaning racing fans can continue to get their racing fix in the battle royale game. This makes a lot of sense, considering the amount of work that’s gone into the new racer.

Is Rocket Racing permanent in Fortnite?
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With full integration with Rocket League, meaning players can unlock cars and decals in one game to use in the other, it makes sense that Rocket Racing will stick around for the foreseeable future.

While we have no firm confirmation of how long Rocket Racing will be in Fortnite, it’s safe to assume we’re looking at years rather than months.

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