Is EA Sports WRC Available On PS4?

Will EA Sports WRC Be On PS4

Will EA Sports WRC Be On PS4

With EA Sports WRC sliding onto the market, a lot of players are asking how they can play the game. For PlayStation players, we already know the game is out on PS5, but is EA Sports WRC available on PS4?

Is EA Sports WRC available on PS4?

We’re definitely in the crossover period now between the old generation and the current generation in gaming. For PS4 players this does lead to some bad news.

EA Sports WRC is a current-gen-only title, meaning it's only available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Players on the PS4 then have sadly been left in the dust.

Will EA Sports WRC be on PS4
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This isn’t a huge surprise considering the technical advancements made in EA Sports WRC. Created using Unreal Engine, EA Sports WRC takes advantage of the technology available to create the most realistic rally stages ever seen in a racing game. Stages up to 30km long feature immersive dynamic weather and track evolution, keeping players on their rallying toes as they progress through each event.

Sadly all of this would not be possible if the game was designed to also run on older hardware, and therefore the PS4 misses out. For players not yet able to upgrade to the PS5, there will always be DiRT Rally 2.0.

EA Sports WRC soundtrack mixes things up

The full EA Sports WRC soundtrack has been revealed, and it's taking the series in a whole new direction. While WRC games of the past featured more dramatic, orchestral music, EA Sports WRC follows the mould of EA's F1 23 by bringing a more modern mix.

EA Sports WRC soundtrack
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Jungle, Hot Chip, and Four Tet are the highlight acts, with young, emerging talent also included on the EA Sports WRC soundtrack. Now you can charge along narrow country lanes whilst your favourite electronic beats pump through your speakers.

Just make sure you can still hear your co-driver's pace notes!

Click here to view the full EA Sports WRC soundtrack.

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