WRC 10 Update: Hotfix lands on PC, console release next week

WRC 10 has been with us for a few weeks now, and while it is a glorious racing experience, like all games it isn't without a few things to clean up.

That's why KT Racing has been taking a lot of feedback from the rallying community and got to work. Now we've got an update they are calling Hotfix (catchy!).

This update is available now to Steam players, and will be out next week on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Let's take a look a the patch notes.

WRC 10 Update patch notes

There are a lot of minor changes and specific fixes going on with this patch. We'll break it down below.


PC only fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would make players lost randomly the FFB of their Thrustmaster's steering wheels if they paused the game.
  • Fixed FFB on Fanatec steering wheels
  • Fix on all Fanatec steering wheels with shift light
  • Fixed Localisation for some steering wheel names
  • Empty cursor tooltip shown on the press start screen

All platform fixes

  • Allowing Private Team access through WRC1 Category
  • Fixed an issue with the Epic Stage of Rally Estonia (ES Kanepi) was interpreted as a SSS
  • Fix issues when switching from a Manufacturer to a Private Team
  • The difficulty of the Anniversary Events has been tweaked (required times have been increased from 10 to 30 seconds depending of the stages)
wrc 10 Audi quattro Acropolis
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  • Fix has been made on particules performances and spawn issues
  • Switching camera in replay on some shakedowns
  • Changing Tyres in Manufacturer Tryout
  • Sound issue related to Fmod on PS4 and PS5 during long stages (i.e. El Puma/Chile) on PS4 and PS5
  • Voice chat issues
  • Fixed a crash when 8 players where in an Online Multiplayer issue (PlayStation 5 Only)
  • Various polish & bug fixes
  • Fix Clubs leaderboards display
  • Fix the End User License Agreement (EULA) which could open at the wrong moment
  • Update credits
  • Fix on the Safe Area

Content update

Bug fixes are great, but what about fresh content?

Well, the first piece of post-release content for WRC 10 is promised in October, so keep your eyes glued to RacingGames.GG for all the news.

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