WRC Generations Ultimate Guide: Review, tips & more

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With its Anniversary mode and heaps of content, WRC 10 was an excellent entry in the official World Rally Championship game series. But Kylotonn has raised the bar with WRC Generations - the French studio's final WRC game before Codemasters takes over the license.

WRC Generations is out now - our ultimate guide has everything you need to know about KT Racing's swang song for the WRC series!

Latest news - WRC Generations December update brings physics improvements and bug fixes

A new WRC Generations update has rolled out on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, bringing a plethora of physics improvements and bug fixes. It also fixes a long-standing throttle issue.

Check out the WRC Generations December update patch notes for more details.

Xbox update finally fixes wheel force feedback issues

After nearly a month, WRC Generations is finally playable with a wheel on Xbox. The latest Xbox update fixes force feedback issues and Fanataec wheels are now recognised without crashing the game- find out more details in the patch notes.

WRC Generations
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WRC Generations review

Our WRC Generations review is here! After seven years of making rally games, does KT Racing end the series with a bang? You can read our WRC Generations review here to find out.

Beginner's guide

If you're new to WRC games, our WRC Generations beginner's guide has essential tips to help you start your rallying journey, from choosing the right tyres to understanding your co-driver's pace notes.

You can read our WRC Generations beginner's guide here.

Interview with KT Racing

With just one week until the early access release, we sat down with KT Racing's Creative Director Alain Jarniou to find out why WRC Generations will be the studio's greatest rally game yet.

WRC Generations
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You can read our WRC Generations interview here.

Want to enjoy WRC Generations? Grab a Logitech G923 and make the most of the amazing physics!

Trophy and Achievement guide

For completionists, there are 44 Xbox achievements and 45 PlayStation trophies to earn, including a coveted Platinum trophy.

WRC Generations
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You can check out our WRC Generations Trophy and Achievement guide here.

Rally1 hybrid cars

WRC has seen a dramatic change in 2022, with hybrid powertrains entering the sport for the first time.

The new Rally1 regulations feature a 1.6-litre turbo engine combined with a 100kW electric motor creating over 500 BHP, with maximum power available in three-second bursts.

This makes the Rally1 cars more powerful than their predecessors, while also having simplified aerodynamic packages and transmissions.

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Not only do these cars feel different when you put your foot down, but it has also meant a complete overhaul of the sound design for WRC Generations too.

Historic cars

Don't worry though, there are plenty of historic options for you to enjoy.

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There are 37 legendary cars in WRC Generations, with every championship-winning car from the last 50 years. As well as including classic cars from WRC 10, new additions include the 1979 Ford Escort MkII, 1980 Fiat 131 Abarth, and 2002 Peugeot 206 WRC.

Deluxe Edition

Like previous games, there is a WRC Generations Deluxe Edition with extra content. Called the Fully Loaded Edition, the WRC Generations Deluxe Edition includes Sébastien Loeb's Citroën C4 WRC as well as two liveries for Romain Dumas' Porsche 911 GT3 RS RGT.

WRC Generations Deluxe Edition
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You also get Livery Editor bonus items, a Career Starter Pack, and three free months to WRC+ All Live, plus two days early access on 1 November.

Pre-order bonus

Players who pre-order WRC Generations will receive Marcus Grönholm's iconic Peugeot 206 WRC as bonus content.

Record stages

WRC Generations includes the 13 rallies of the 2022 season, but there is plenty more too.

There are nine other locations, creating a total of 22 different countries and a whopping 165 special stages. That is a record for the genre!

Game modes

Career Mode hasn't changed much, but the new hybrid powertrains will create a new way of management within the skill tree.

There is also the Teams system, meaning players can join an existing team or create their own from scratch.

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The Livery Editor returns. This was a great tool in WRC 10 and gives a huge amount of creative freedom to players. WRC Generations adds the ability to share designs with other players, which will likely see talented painters recreate some truly iconic designs!

A new League mode also allows players to take each other on in the same category in daily and weekly challenges.

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