Are Assetto Corsa Mods Free?

If you're an Assetto Corsa fan, you've definitely heard of, or have experience with what AC's mods are. But are Assetto Corsa Mods free?

If you have already installed them before, you know the answer, which is that almost all of them are free!

Where to get Assetto Corsa mods from

We all know that downloading files from the internet can be a bit scary! But reputable sites are easy to find! And as we've discussed before when we taught you about how to download Assetto Corsa mods, there are sites you can find most mods from.

For example, Race Department and Assetto Corsa club, are safe and reliable options for you to get your mods from.

Assetto Corsa mods are free!
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THE BEST EXPERIENCE: Assetto Corsa gives you the widest range of content, which is allowed by the plenty of mods you can get from it!

The mods that you find on these sites are made by the players and for the players. It's always a community effort, where the players give feedback and take it in.

That's how the racers pave the path to making the best mods possible! And consequently, they are almost exclusively free to download. However, you always have the option to donate and support your favourite creators.

One of Assetto's Corsa's biggest strengths

Mods have always been, and always will be part of what makes Assetto Corsa great. Among its many key features, mods give the game consistent fresh content and longevity.

They also bring the community together to help one another, through the forums! The players come together to create marvels that heighten the racing experience. The latter is what developers encourage, proven by releasing their own SDK editor for the players to toy with

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A TEAM GAME: Although you don't race as teams in the game itself, the sense of cooperation and teamwork is solidified off the tracks, by working together!

The players work together to bring each other the best experience, and providing Assetto Corsa mods for free. It's truly beautiful how the community can come together, and create amazing things together.

It's very heartwarming, and it has for sure brought people near and far together.

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