Assetto Corsa 2 Car List: Which cars can we excpect?

Assetto Corsa 2 Car List

Assetto Corsa 2 Car List

Assetto Corsa 2 is officially in development. Details other than its release date are currently unknown, but we can try and predict the Assetto Corsa 2 car list.

Assetto Corsa Competizione and the original Assetto Corsa both had a good selection of cars available to race. So, will AC2 build on this? We’ve got everything you need to know about the Assetto Corsa 2 car list right here!

Latest news: Assetto Corsa 2 "is not just a sequel," says Kunos Simulazioni

While Assetto Corsa 2 has yet to be unveiled, Kunos Simulazioni is setting player expectations high for the sequel, hinting that it's "not just a sequel."

Assetto Corsa 2 "is not just a sequel"
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“The new Assetto Corsa is going to follow what we did with Assetto Corsa ‘1,’” Kunos Simulazioni’s executive manager, Marco Massarutto, said in a recent interview.

While he didn’t reveal any further details, he teased that “it is not just a sequel, it is much, much, more. It’s definitely not a spin-off like Competizione.”

Assetto Corsa 2 delayed to Summer 2024

Originally set for a Spring 2024 release, Assetto Corsa 2 has been pushed back until Summer 2024. This was confirmed in a press release by Digital Bros, the parent company of Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games. Kunos Simulazioni was aiming to release Assetto Corsa 2 within the next fiscal year ending July 2024, so it should arrive in June or July 2024. 

Assetto Corsa screenshot Ferrari
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This suggests console players may have to wait longer to play Assetto Corsa 2. This isn't unusual as console ports of past games have arrived at least one year after the initial PC release.

Returning series

Unlike tracks, cars are extremely difficult to predict because there are so many possibilities. At the moment, we don't even have any screenshots nor gameplay to go off. We can go off the racing series that are within ACC, though, to give a more general view of which cars we can expect.

Screenshot ks ferrari 488 challenge evo mugello 26 6 120 17 44 47
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RETURNING FAVOURITES: We could see the previous series return with a few additional ones

The following series were available in ACC:

  • GT World Series
  • 2020 GT World Challenge
  • GT4
  • Blancpain GT Series
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As AC grows its profile, we can expect more series to become officially licenced within the series.

Which series could be added to the library?

Given that AC2 isn't set to be released until 2024, there's a lot that can change between now and launch day. Getting a huge racing series onboard like IndyCar or NASCAR just won't happen, but there are some high-profile series that can join the game.

Gran Turismo Sport colour change livery editor 2
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Could we see the likes of LMP1 join AC?

We could even be aspirational and say that the World Endurance Championship will join AC2. WEC is the highest level of endurance racing and has many other categories that race on the same circuits around the world. This includes the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans, one of the most prestigious and challenging races in the world.

As amazing as Le Mans in Assetto Corsa would be, it would be a very expensive series to obtain the licence for. More realistically, something like the American Le Mans series or perhaps even the British Touring Car Championship could be added. We're sure that 505 and Kunos will reveal more closer to the release date of AC2.

Will AC2 take a different approach?

Assetto Corsa have a fairly unique approach when it comes to which cars it includes in its games. Most racing sim games have lots of individual cars included, think of Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport. However, ACC utilised licences for different racing series and included all of the cars that competed in it.

Screenshot ks ferrari 488 challenge evo ks nurburgring 23 6 120 16 31 37
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ALTERNATE LINE: Will AC2 take a new turn for the series?

We may see AC2 take a more conventional approach to sim racing, but this isn't likely. Part of AC's charm is that it officially licences racing series that don't usually get too much spotlight shined on them. Plus, by having this different approach, AC doesn't directly compete with the giants of sim racing for sales.

For example, if you want to drive a certain Ferrari, you could do so on GT, Forza, AC and potentially, more game series. However, if you want to race the cars of the GT World Series, you can only do so on ACC.

More will be revealed closer to the 2024 release date, but for now, expect an improved ACC rather than a completely different racing sim game. That's not to say that AC2 won't have new features, this will be a far better game than ACC when it hits shelves in 3 years' time.

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