Assetto Corsa Competizione: Zolder Porsche 911 GT3 R setup

Assetto Corsa Competizione is perhaps the most complete sim racing game you can get on console right now.

With its laser-focused physics and status as the official GT World Challenge game, it gives players the chance to race some amazing cars at world-class circuits around the world.

As an elite sim racer, your setups are absolultely key to finding pace, but they can take a lot of time to perfect. That's where we come in!

We've created a user-friendly, easy to drive setup for the tricky Porsche 911 at the unfamiliar Zolder circuit.

ACC setups

There are a few basic rules to follow when it comes to. The first is tyre pressures.

Ideal PSI for dry tyres sits around 27.5. Your PSI will fluctuate with tyre temps, but when they are that wonderful green colour you want them in a 27.3-27.7 PSI window, erring a little on the higher side than lower.

Next is baselines. The default setup is nice, if slow, but the preset “aggressive” setup is a good starting point to begin tinkering from.

ACC Porsche 911 Zolder
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UNFAMILIAR GROUNDS: Zolder is not the best-known circuit on the calendar

We've made some changes to create a more predictible and stable setup for the 911, which is naturally very easy to lose especially in the mid-high speed corners of the first sector.


We started by fixing the PSI to make them hit that sweetspot. They will get there pretty quick, but not instantly so remember to take it easy on the first lap!

ACC Porsche 911 Zolder tyres
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The camber and toe is also tweaked to make more even wear and reduce risks of overheating.

If you are running an endurance race then be sure to tick the PSI down a few clicks to keep them in the window for longer.


This part of the setup is very personal and depends on how comfortable you are with the pedals.

ACC Porsche 911 Zolder electronics
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We've got TC and ABS set to 3. Even if you are a pro having these on at least a little bit is important.

Fuel & strategy

Make sure you set your fuel load appropriately for the length of your race. You'll need to do some quick maths and reduce the default fuel load for 20 minute races.

ACC Porsche 911 Zolder fuel strategy
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If you are doing a longer race that has a mandatory pitstop then make sure you have set your strategy too. Replicate the PSI of your first set of tyres on the second.

It's also important to use brake set 2 for races that are 10 minutes to about 2 hours. A longer race will require set 3, while pure hotlapping will benefit from using set 1.

Mechanical grip

Zolder is a bumpy old track thanks mostly to its massive kerbs. That means you need a forgiving and predictable suspension setup.

ACC Porsche 911 Zolder mechanical grip
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This one really helps keep the rear stable, a must for the 911!


Dampers are the trickiest part of the setup to get a feel for in sim racing.

ACC Porsche 911 Zolder dampers
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As a result we haven't tweaked these too much.


While the natural inclination is to cut ride height as much as possible, Zolder's high kerbs and multiple chicanes force you to run quite a lot of clearance.

ACC Porsche 911 Zolder aero
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It also means you need a lot of splitter and rear wing to keep the power down in the sweeping first sector.

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