Assetto Corsa Competizione: Nurburgring Setup Lamborghini Huracan

Assetto Corsa Competizione setups are tricky things to master.

With far more tweakable options than games like F1 2020 or Gran Turismo Sport that many players start with, it can be overwhelming trying to hone a monstrous GT3 car for a tricky circuit like the Nurburgring.

That’s why we are here to help you out!

ACC setups

There are a few basic rules to follow when it comes to ACC. The first is tyre pressures.

Ideal PSI for dry tyres sits around 27.5. Your PSI will fluctuate with tyre temps, but when they are that wonderful green colour you want them in a 27.3-27.7 PSI window, erring a little on the higher side than lower.

Next is baselines. The default setup is nice, if slow, but the preset “aggressive” setup is a good starting point to begin tinkering from.

ACC Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo
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WEAPON OF CHOICE: We love the Huracan in ACC

The aggressive setup is just that, aggressive. That means it can be prone to snap oversteer and really biting back if you are too eager on either pedal.

While it will automatically do things like reduce your ride height and aero, it can be too far on the wild side for some drivers, especially those that aren't looking to put hours into the game or do long endurance races.

This setup is specifically for the Nurburgring takes that aggressive setup and tweaks it.

Built for relatively short races, 20 minutes to an hour, it is the ideal casual racer setup.


The tyres section is the most important. While things like camber and casters can be tricky to master, getting the PSI right is priority #1 for any ACC setup.

ACC Setup Lambo Nurburgring tyres
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CRUCIAL: How the rubber hits the road is vital to your race

We've tweaked the PSI so that they get into the operating window quickly, you'll need to take care though as too much sliding around can quickly overheat the tyres.

We've also moved the camber slightly to reduce over-wear on the inside shoulder at the rear, something that is easy to cause when you get your foot down on corner exit.


This is a very personal setup, so we haven't moved it from the aggressive setup.

ACC Setup Lambo Nurburgring electronics
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ALL ABOUT COMFORT: If you've got heavy feet it is best to keep the TC/ABS high!

You can lower the TC and ABS to around 3 before you start to feel it in these cars. If you are super-confident you can knock it all the way down to 1 at the Nurburgring, but just take care until everything comes up to temperature!

Fuel & strategy

Fueling obviously depends on how long your race is.

Brakes should always be at 2 for races up to an hour long.

ACC Setup Lambo Nurburgring fuel strategy
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SET YOUR STOP: Make sure to pre-set your pitsop

If you are going to be stopping in a race then make sure the next set of tyres has the correct PSI too!

Mechanical grip

You can tinker forever with suspension settings, but you'll struggle to really feel the difference unless you are a an experienced racer with a high-end sim rig.

ACC Setup Lambo Nurburgring mechanical grip
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BOUNCING AROUND: The key is to make sure you can plant the car before you get the power down

Nurburgring has plenty of corner combinations that ask a lot of the car. If you are allowing too much weight transfer then it can be tricky to hook the esses up or nail that first sector.

We've gone for stiffer anti-roll bars at the rear as it helps prevent exit oversteer. You lose some turn-in on entry, but it's a more stable setup.


Dampers are especially tricky to feel in sim racing.

ACC Setup Lambo Nurburgring dampers
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EASY RIDE: These settings are a bit more friendly

This is really all about how the car reacts to bumps, jolts, and kerbs.

While there aren't many aggressive kerbs that you will be using around the Nurburgring, the final chicane in particular can be nasty if you get the line wrong.

We've softened everything ever so slightly to make it more forgiving.


This is where things get a bit racey.

ACC Setup Lambo Nurburgring aero
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HUNKER DOWN: It's tricky to overtake, so get slippy down the straights!

The front is as low as possible, while the rear is kept fairly aggressive both in ride height and wing. If you are lose the back too much through the esses then add some wing, but it will hurt you on the straights.

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