Assetto Corsa: Modder adds fan-favourite Gran Turismo tracks to game on PC!

There are some tracks that just stick in your mind, regardless of what game you're on.

However, for some fictional racing arenas, there's typically only one way to play them. Some tracks are locked into a franchise, and if Gran Turismo 7 doesn't have your favourite GT track then you're stuck!

For Gran Turismo fans who also have a PC knocking around, the Assetto Corsa modding community has fixed that for us. Let's take a look at which GT tracks have been added to the game!

Assetto Corsa Mod

We've got some very talented people to thank for this mod. They have painstakingly recreated two awesome tracks for us to race on.

AC GT Midfield Raceway 1
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MIDFIELD RACEWAY: This has been a staple track for many fans for years!

The first is Midfield Raceway and the second is Apricot Hill. I can almost hear the Gran Turismo fans rushing to get this mod installed.

If that wasn't enough, the user behind the mods has created various versions of the tracks also. Let's dive in and see which versions we've got for Assetto Corsa!

GT Track Variations

There are a total of four tracks being added, with the forwards and reverse versions available for each of them.

AC GT Apricot Hill
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APRICOT HILL: This track holds a special place in our hearts!

Obviously, there are the standard versions of Apricot Hill and Midfield Raceway. However, there is also a merge of the two tracks, which looks awesome indeed!

Finally, there is a shorter version of Apricot Hill, a tight hairpin sending racers straight back on to the main circuit.

Gran Turismo Tracks in Assetto Corsa

There are, for those wondering, a number of other tracks from Gran Turismo in Assetto Corsa already. Let's take a look at which ones.

AC GT Trial Mountain
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LAST CORNER MADNESS: Who can forget this infamous 'shortcut'?!

For OG fans of the game, you'll be pleased to here circuits like Trial Mountain and Autumn Ring have already been added. This will have many very happy indeed.

In addition, modders have added more recent circuits such as Lago Maggiore and Dragon Trail. So, if you're looking for your next Gran Turismo fix on PC, look no further!

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