Gran Turismo 7: Tracks that we NEED in GT7

Now that the PS5 is here all eyes are on the release of Gran Turismo 7!

Although there’s not an official release date yet, that doen't stop racers everywhere dreaming of what tracks they will be able to race on.

Gran Turismo is looking to take back its crown as the king of racing simulators for the next generation of consoles.

Graphics, cars, sound, and the playability of the game are all important, but GT7 needs to ensure it’s got the best selection of circuits available on the market. 

Confirmed Circuits

In the reveal trailer, Trial Mountain, Northern Isle Speedway, Willow Springs, Daytona, and Blue Moon Bay are all seen. It’s safe to assume that this mixture of real-world and GT original circuits will be in GT7. 

Assumptions can be made for which tracks the other dots visible on the North American circuits represent. Nothing has been confirmed for these, though. 

We’ve listed five circuits that weren’t available in GT Sport, the most recent Gran Turismo game. Some are returning tracks to GT, while others would be completely new to franchise. 

Here are five of our picks for tracks we’d love to see in GT7!

Silverstone, United Kingdom

The home of British motorsport is Silverstone and this former RAF airbase is one of the finest racing circuits in the world. 

Silverstone in F1 2020
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OLD FAITHFUL: Silverstone has plenty of track variants GT7 could use too

Silverstone is so high-speed, it’s breathtaking. Corners like Copse and Stowe and the Maggots-Beckets-Chapel complex are sensational to race around. Silverstone is available in games such as F1 2020, where it’s a thrill to tear around in a Formula 1 car!

Furthermore, Silverstone also has a lot of alternative layouts for slower cars or those that prefer a shorter lap. The International, National and Stowe circuits are all used for different categories of motorsport, such as the British Touring Cars.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, USA

Another world class racing venue that wasn’t in GT Sport was the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Polyphony need to get Indy in GT7, the speed cars race around this famous oval is mesmeric to watch.

Indy is the home of the Indy 500, a race which makes up a third of the triple crown of motorsport.

Indianapolis Motor speedway in iRacing
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THE BRICKYARD: Indy is one of the oldest and most prestigious venues in the USA

Those outside of America may dismiss oval racing as easy, however it’s anything but. When you’re approaching a banked corner at 220 mph (355 kph), it’s more than tempting to lift off, it takes real bravery to keep your foot flat to the floor. 

Like Silverstone as well, there are alternative layouts to the track too. This includes the GP Road Course, which has been used by Formula 1 in the past, as well as IndyCar. There’s also a Motorcycle course that’s been used for MotoGP. 

Okayama International Circuit, Japan

With both Fuji and Suzuka available in GT Sport, it could be time for Polyphony to add another real circuit from the land of the rising sun into GT7.

Okayama is one of the premium racing venues in Japan and is a very challenging track.

Okayama track in Ride 3
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FOUR WHEELS TOO?: Ride 3 has the Okayama track, could GT7?

Its first and final sectors are tight and twisty, while its long back straight promotes overtaking. It’s very much a track that suits those who are brave when going back on the throttle through a corner.

Running wide though isn’t an option, the gravel will swallow you up in no time. Also known as Aida, the circuit has hosted Formula 1, the World Touring Car Championship and Super GT in the past. 

Zandvoort, Netherlands

Zandvoort has been given a revamp of late ahead of it hosting the first Dutch F1 race since the 1980’s. This is the perfect time to get the famous Netherlands track into GT. 

Zandvoort in F1 2020
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ROLLERCOASTER RIDE: Zandvoort is a thrill ride in any car

Zandvoort is tight and twisty, with most of its corners either being on a decline or incline and usually having camber. Run-off is at a premium, mistakes are always punished around here.

Overtaking is difficult but the brave are rewarded into corners like the Tarzan hairpin.

The track is also surprisingly high-speed in sections too, with Turn 8 and the final corners being reminiscent of the Monza banking or the aforementioned Indy.

Road America, USA

Another quality IndyCar venue is Wisconsin’s Road America. High-speed and tight with little to no run-off around its 4 mile (6.5 km) lap, it’s a thrill ride from start to finish. 

Road America in Forza Motorsport 5
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FORZA HAS IT: So why not Gran Turismo?

This circuit is often unavailable in racing games, which is a crying shame because it’s brilliant to race around.

The high-performance cars are incredible to throw around the high-speed corners like Turns 1, 7, the Carousel and the Kink.

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