Gran Turismo 7 Release Date: State Of Play, Sophy AI, launch date confirmed, pre-order, early access & more!

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We are finally closing in on the Gran Turismo 7 release date after a year and a half since its announcement.

Ever since it was announced alongside the PlayStation 5 system, we have been craving more information about GT7. With just a few days to go though, we now have all the basics confirmed, including GT7's release date.

So, when will we start our next-gen racing journey with the upcoming GT7? We've got everything you need to know right here!

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A return to the classic Gran Turismo adventure, it's a must-buy for PlayStation gamers.

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Gran Turismo 7 release date

The official release date for Gran Turismo 7 is 4 March, 2022. This has been confirmed in several trailers and thanks to the game getting a rating in Australia, we don't expect this date to change.

What's also been confirmed is that GT7 will be the first cross-generational GT. Because of the global shortage of PS5's, GT7 will launch on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

While later than first hoped, it is earlier than expected. Gran Turismo games usually launch in September/October, but nothing about the last 18 months has been usual!


That's right, you can now order Gran Turismo 7. There are two Standard Editions (PS4 and PS5) and an awesome 25th Anniversary Edition that has a huge number of extras for players.




We are sure that further pre-order locations will pop up soon, and with the world slowly opening up, physical preorders may be possible again as well.


With the release of the preorders, we got a look at the price for the title as well. It seems to be in line with current releases, with the PS4 version coming in at £59.99, and the PS5 release at £69.99.

GT7 Mercs
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The special 25th Anniversary Edition, or Digital Deluxe Edition, comes in at £89.99. If you know you're going to spend plenty of time on the game, it's likely worth grabbing that Deluxe version with extra credits!

Sony AI reveal new technology

As we get closer to GT7's release date, news is coming thick and fast regarding the developments that Polyphony have achieved. The latest news though, is something that could have ramifications that will impact racing games for years to come.

The creator of GT has said that GT7 will have the best AI in the series' history this year. Polyphony and Sony AI have taken Artificial Intelligence technology to a new level with the invention of Sophy. Sophy is a new AI that races like a human player and is also quicker than the fastest GT esports players.

Sophy won't feature in GT7 on day 1, but it's got huge implications for video gaming. We believe it could revolutionise racing games and give GT a huge advantage over its competition. If you want to learn more about Sophy, Sony AI released this video about the making of it:

State Of Play 2022

With around a month to go until GT7's release date, we were always going to get some more reveals before the big day in March arrives. Sony revealed there would be a State of Play presentation at the start of February and they didn't disappoint.

The 32-minute presentation was hosted by GT's creator and Polyphony CEO Kazunori Yamauchi and it revealed a lot about GT7. Everything from the total car count, circuit numbers,weather effects and technical aspects like the audio got a mention.

There was simply too much to list here, but our YouTube channel has you covered with a rundown of all the main talking points:

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