How much does Assetto Corsa cost?

Assetto Corsa is still regarded by gamers as one of the most realistic and enjoyable sim racers on the market.

In fact, despite the game being quite a few years old now, it's probably still worth owning. So how much would a copy of Assetto Corsa set you back in 2021?

Assetto Corsa price on Steam and PC

Believe it or not, but Assetto Corsa is now seven years old - having first been released for PC in 2014.

The age of the game shouldn't put you off though; thanks to its moddability, it's constantly being added to. What's more, you can pick it up for just a few quid!

Right now on Steam, the game is a measly £3.09 thanks to an 80% off promotion (this promotion lasts until July 8). But even if you wanted to buy it elsewhere, or if you miss Steam's money off promotion, Assetto Corsa can be picked up in most of the usual places for no more than £15.

Even the Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition is a bargain these days. On Steam right now, it's £6.05.

Assetto Corsa price on PS4 and Xbox One

It's not just a PC game, of course.

Assetto Corsa can be played on the PS4 and Xbox One, too. And you'll find it's just as affordable on these consoles.

Much like Steam, the PlayStation store currently has Assetto Corsa available at a heavily reduced price of just £4.99 - down from its usual price of £24.99.

In general, you can pick the game up at the usual places in the UK, like Argos or Amazon, for around £15. The Ultimate Edition is generally around £20.

We've found it slightly dearer for the Xbox, with the Microsoft store pricing it at £23.99 - which is around the same amount it's going at all the good retailers!

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