How to play Assetto Corsa with friends

Racing, and sim-racing in particular, is a hobby best enjoyed with friends... Well, most of the time at least (we think playing in VR is close!).

One of these titles is Assetto Corsa, and even Assetto Corsa 2 soon enough!

So, here's how you can play Assetto Corsa with your friends on console and PC!

Playing with friends

First of all, and rather obviously, you're going to need to make sure you've got a populated friends list on your console of choice, or on PC. For those on PC, this will mean adding friends through Steam.

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Next, you'll have to create a lobby in the multiplayer section of the game. It's best if one person does this, and that this is agreed beforehand to make the process smooth.

Now, that player must invite that various players they wish to race with. You can do this when in the car selection screen on the lobby.

Once the players have joined, simply select the car you want to race, and get going! Be warned, your lobby will be open, so you will have to kick the odd random player that joins.

Assetto Corsa 2

Excitingly, we now know that a new instalment in the franchise is on the way thanks to 505 Games and Kunos Simulazioni.

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In fact, there's even a mobile title en route as well, which we can't wait to experience.

Assetto Corsa 2 won't be with us until 2024, which gives us a long wait. However, we're excited to see that a new game is already in development.

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