Assetto Corsa 2: Everything we know so far

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Sim racing fans rejoice: Assetto Corsa 2 is in development.

Despite being nearly ten years old, Assetto Corsa has a loyal fanbase and is regarded as one of the best sim racing games on console and PC. As a result, the sequel to the acclaimed 2013 racing simulation is highly anticipated.

Here's everything we know so far about Assetto Corsa 2.

Latest news - Assetto Corsa 2 release window revealed

A half-year financial report from Digital Bros (the parent company of Assetto Corsa developer Kunos Simulazioni and publisher 505 Games) has revealed the release window for Assetto Corsa 2.

According to the report, Assetto Corsa 2 is set for a Spring 2024 release. That narrows the release window to between March and June 2024. “The second version of Assetto Corsa is currently in development and its launch is scheduled for Spring 2024.”

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This update comes after a 2021 report announced Assetto Corsa 2 is "in development" with a vague 2024 release window. Exciting times for fans of the sim-racing genre who are eagerly awaiting news about the next game.

Whilst that may seem a fair way out, the frequent content additions to AC and ACC help keep the games fresh, as well as the modding community. This has helped the longevity of the original titles in the first place.

New engine

Although Assetto Corsa 2 now has a release window, very little is known about the game. However, unlike Assetto Corsa Competizione, which focuses on GT racing cars, we expect the car roster to feature a mix of road cars and thoroughbred racecars like the original game.

Assetto Corsa 2
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While some fans were hoping Assetto Corsa 2 will utilise Unreal Engine 5, Kunos SImulazioni has confirmed the sequel will instead run on a new in-house engine like the original.

This will lead to incredible graphics and even more lifelike physics within the title. This is in contrast to Assetto Corsa Competizione, which runs on Unreal Engine 4.



Assetto Corsa 2's platforms are yet to be confirmed, but PC will likely be the primary platform. This was the case for the original as it allowed for community modding support.

Console ports for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will likely follow at a later date.

Release date

Assetto Corsa 2 doesn't have a confirmed release date yet. However, a financial report from Digital Bros confirmed Assetto Corsa 2 is penned for a Spring 2024 release.

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