Wreckfest 2 Possibly Teased by Bugbear

Wreckfest 2 Possibly Teased by Bugbear

Wreckfest 2 Possibly Teased by Bugbear

For fans of destruction racing, Wreckfest is the ultimate demolition derby game. From the original FlatOut creators Bugbear Entertainment, Wreckfest has gained a cult following thanks to its car-crunching mayhem and soft-body damage modelling. This has left fans wondering if there will be a Wreckfest 2.

After nearly a year of silence, a social media post from Bugbear suggests Wreckfest 2 might be in the works.

Bugbear shows signs of life

In a Twitter post (also known as X), Bugbear shared a photo of a beaten-up car with the caption: “We've been flying under the radar but that's just because we're way busy behind the scenes! Who can guess what's going on here?”

The car in the image appears to be a Folkrace car. This is a popular style of demolition derby in Finland. But what exactly is Bugbear teasing?

Is Wreckfest 2 in development?

Bugbear could be teasing Wreckfest 2. After a long stint in Early Access, the original Wreckfest smashed onto Steam in 2018 before crashing onto PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. An enhanced port then arrived on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S with better graphics and higher frame rates.

Wreckfest screenshot
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Given that it’s been five years since the original game’s release, a sequel is certainly overdue. Bugbear could be using the Folkrace car in the teaser image to capture audio for Wreckfest 2.

There are a few other possibilities. Bugbear could be teasing new add-on content for Wreckfest. The last Tournament update was in September 2022 and there haven’t been any new cars or tracks in over a year. However, Bugbear’s radio silence suggests something bigger is in the works.

Rally Trophy 2?

A user replied to the teaser asking if Bugbear is “setting up camera for filming a real car that can be found in Rally Trophy 2.” In response, Bugbear replied: “Close!” Hmm.

A hardcore rally simulation, Rally Trophy was Bugbear’s first-ever game, released back in 2001. Rally Trophy never got a sequel, but a track and car from the original game was added to Wreckfest in a free update.

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Bugbear could be developing a sequel, but Rally Trophy doesn’t have the brand recognition of Wreckfest. The Folkrace car also hints at the project relating to destructive racing. 

Whatever Bugbear is cooking up, we can’t wait to find out. Wreckfest’s car physics and damage modelling still hold up, but a sequel built from the ground up on current-gen hardware will take the destruction to the next level. We're keeping our fingers crossed this turns out to be Wreckfest 2.

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