What is Assetto Corsa SDK?

Assetto Corsa gives its players the creative freedom to do many things. One of the things that allow it is Assetto Corsa SDK. For those of you who are wondering what that is, it is Assetto Corsa's editor feature.

This feature is mostly giving the ability to create tracks, and the limit is your creativity! And it's all available on steam.

How the editor works

Assetto Corsa's official Media Channel has uploaded a tutorial on how the editor works. As a result, giving you all the basics you need. However, that's not all you will need to be able to create beautiful tracks for the game.

A good thing though, is that it is the building block of your learning journey. You might have a future in track designing for different racing games!


TRACK CREATION: Assetto Corsa gives you creative liberty in track modelling!

Here is the editor's basics tutorial made by the AC team!

As a result, Assetto Corsa has put faith in their players to create tracks that they can play. Therefore, it is up to you to show off the tracks you worked hard to make. You can race on them with your friends, and you can have loads of fun even working on tracks as a group!

Why you might want to use the editor

If you're a creative person and there have always been ideas in your mind on making your own track, then Assetto Corsa's team giving you the AC SDK is the jackpot. You might want to create some tracks to meet your drifting needs, or to make the most of any mods you have downloaded.

Assetto Corsa SDK Editor Graphics
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THINK IT AND MAKE IT: You can bring all your Assetto Corsa track ideas to life with the editor, it's all within your reach!

However, it is for sure the case that the editor is not for everyone. If you're not interested in creating and editing tracks, it might not be for you. Moreover, you might just be a casual player looking to plug and play and in that case, it's totally fine to not partake in it at all!

Assetto Corsa SDK is a gem

Providing all the modders out there and all the track enthusiasts out there a tool to express their creations is something other games could learn from. Assetto Corsa already has a lot of tracks you can race on in the base game. But there are virtually limitless amounts of tracks you can play if you factor in the mods!

ACC Graphics - Assetto Corsa SDK Potential
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THE BEAUTY IN IT: With the mesmerising graphics that you have in Assetto Corsa, successfully creating tracks is incredibly rewarding!

That being said, the SDK is a tool you can easily access to get your hands on engineering tracks. One of the administrators and Public relations people for Assetto Corsa gives instructions on accessing the SDK. He also added that they are looking to see people's creativity and originality in creating tracks that are unique.

That's all you need to know about the Assetto Corsa SDK! For more news, tips, and opinions on Assetto Corsa, make sure to tune in again to Racing Games!

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