What is Sol Assetto Corsa?

If you're a fan of Assetto Corsa, you're more than familiar with mods. Sol Assetto Corsa is one of the most captivating ones.

To put it simply, Sol is a weather mod, but not any weather mod!

On top of giving you complete control over the weather in the game, it is a shader patch and provides day and night cycles. So, it's the real deal for making the game as beautiful as ever!

Why you should consider Sol

If you're a fan of the marvelous graphics in AC, then Sol is a must-have for you! It makes the game look phenomenal, the game looks surreal with it.

You will get the ability to choose the time of day you want to drive in, the weather, and have the whole game looking much more elegant.

Sol Assetto Corsa in-game Scenery
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STUNNING SCENERY: An in-game screenshot from AC with Sol installed, the game looks as beautiful as ever, with painstaking attention to detail!

As you can see, the mod's results speak for themselves. The mod gives the game a beautiful skybox!

You can see it in action by going to the source of the picture we've shown you. The community has voiced their appreciation of Sol with praise and of course, in-game screenshots!

How to install Sol

Like any other mod, installing Sol will require a little work. But don't worry! Here at Racing Games, we have a guide on downloading mods, and a guide on installing them.

Don't forget the importance of the content manager for you to have! However, we do know that this might not be enough.


Step by Step walkthrough on getting Sol 2.1 for Assetto Corsa, the latest version of Sol at the time of publishing. Credit: SirSpats Gaming

Video walkthroughs are (usually) much easier to follow than text ones, and SirSpats Gaming always uploads updated versions of his Sol installation guides with every new instalment of Sol released!

But there are also a lot of specific installation guides brought to you by the makes of Sol himself. You can find all you need to know in the following thread.

Sol Assetto Corsa, beauty of the race

Sol is by far, the most visually unique mod Assetto Corsa has. Additionally, the attraction around it is easily justified by how much it offers to the game! And Sol by itself has plenty of options you can tune to find the perfect environment you want to race in. And Peter Boese (the creator) has shown all the options in a video he's made.

image 5
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RACING WEATHER: It's always a beautiful day to race when you control the weather! Especially when it looks this beautiful with Sol!

Assetto Corsa is looking beautiful as ever, and this is a game that's over 6 years old. It definitely makes us eager to see what Assetto Corsa 2 will bring. There's so much to be excited about! Perhaps the developers might take notes and incorporate some of the elements of Sol into their game?

For more on Assetto Corsa, make sure to tune back in right here at Racing Games!

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