Which Assetto Corsa should I buy?

There have been two entries to the Assetto Corsa series so far, the original AC and the sequel, Assetto Corsa Competizione. First-time players of AC will naturally be drawn to the most up-to-date AC, which is ACC, but it's not that simple.

Here's our guide to which AC you should buy!

Gameplay and content

Graphically, audibly and physically, ACC is superior to AC. This is what you'd expect given ACC is five years newer than AC.

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SHE'S A BEAUTY: ACC looks fantastic on max settings

When it comes to content, the two games are around equal with the original AC probably having a slight advantage. However, the modding community for both is huge, but the original AC has a much larger one. So, if it's mods you want, the original AC is where it's at.

System requirements

If you're playing on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you have nothing to worry about here. Even if you have the original versions of these consoles, the home systems will play both AC titles with no issues.

However, PC gamers will need to meet certain requirements to play either title. To get a full rundown, head over to our PC requirements article.


It's not the be-all and end-all by any means, but review aggregator Metacritic is often a good place to go to get a representative overview of a game. This goes for both fan and critical reviews. So, how do both AC's perform?

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The critics are shown to give AC 85% out of 100, while the fans come in at 8.4/10, which is 84% when you scale it up. That’s for PC, and the scores are different for the console versions.

On PlayStation 4, critics come in at 73%, while the fans are down at 6.1. For Xbox One, the score is much lower from the critics (63%) with the fans surprisingly preferring this to the PS4 version at 6.5. So, the original AC does well, but what about ACC?

Critics and fans disagree slightly on the PC version of ACC, but they do agree that the original AC was better. The critics weighed in at 77% with the fans at 7.1. So, still pretty good, but not the lofty heights of AC.

The critics were more impressed with the PS4 and Xbox One versions than the original AC though. For PlayStation 4, ACC scored 75%, with Xbox One scoring 71%. The fans though aren’t impressed anywhere near as much. PS4 came in at 5.4 and Xbox One at 4.8.

So, going off the reviews, AC is the better titles, especially with what the fans think.

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