Why Assetto Corsa?

Finding the right racing game for you can be difficult. There are so many different options, and so many titles are appealing! So, diving into the vast world of racing games, you might be questioning, why Assetto Corsa? Here's why it might be the simulator for you!

The widest variety

If you're a fan of all kinds of racing and driving experiences, Assetto Corsa has you covered! For instance, over the past seven years, the modding community had time to work on creating thousands of mods.

In this regard, Assetto Corsa is one of the racing games with the most mods. From cars and tracks to weather mods, and even open-world map mods. So, if the wide variety and the ability to engineer your own game is appealing to you, Assetto Corsa is for you.

Why Assetto Corsa? Variety and Stunning visuals.
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CHOICES CHOICES: With over 18,000 mods, Assetto Corsa gives you plenty of mods to tinker with and test out, keeping the game fresh with content!

AC gives you the ability for you to race and compete in intense series. But also just cruise around and enjoy the stunning visuals of the game. So Assetto Corsa has packed up all sorts of racing experiences for you to get your hands on!

Assetto Corsa delivers its casual and contentious experiences with great accuracy. And we credit that to the relationship between Kunos Simulazioni and the Community. The Developers gave them the tools, and the community transformed them into the content.

Authentic Racing Simulation

We've previously covered how Assetto Corsa is one of the most realistic racing simulators out there. And if you're interested in AC, you probably know about this.

Realism is one of Assetto Corsa's biggest selling points. The game aims to bring your racing dreams to life. So, being inside the cockpit from the comfort of your desk is now more possible than ever.

Assetto Corsa is peak racing realism, brought to your setup.
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THE REAL RACING EXPERIENCE: Assetto Corsa puts you behind the wheel, and driving in it is easily one of the most realistic experiences any sim-racing game can bring.

And its reputation truly speaks for itself. AC Competizione was the officially Licensed simulator of the 2018 and 2019 Blancpain GT Series. Which, goes to show how Kunos Simulazioni have created a marvel of realistic racing in the game industry.

So, why Assetto Corsa?

AC gives a racing experience that is real and offered by very few other sim racers. Additionally, catering for competitive and casual players. There's a piece of the pie for everyone! AC has plenty of selling points and you can check out the game's key features to see what all of them are.

AC Car Visuals!
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WHY ASSETTO: There's plenty of reasons for you to give AC a shot, but only you are the one who makes the decision, is it for you?

So this is why AC is a choice you need to consider. This is our objective take on the game, but the choice is yours, it's in your hands. Is AC the racing game for you?

Lastly, Assetto Corsa 2 has been announced, and the hype is real! The AC series is only going to get bigger and better, and great things are coming.

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