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Why is Assetto Corsa Black and White?

Is your Assetto Corsa black and white? You surely know that this isn't how the game looks by default! Assetto Corsa is playable with its stunning graphics in beautiful colours. But don't worry, it's a slight, and common error that we can easily help you fix! It is black and white due to having the wrong settings, most likely.

Settings issue

Assetto Corsa has different post-processing filters that you can set, to make the game look as you want it to! Players reported issues in the past where the filters change on their own. There isn't much reasoning behind why this happens, but the bug is easy to solve!

Assetto Corsa isn't Black and White, it has vibrant colours.
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COLOURS GALORE: Assetto Corsa looks beautiful with the right post-processing filters, colourful and vibrant as ever!

To fix this issue, all you have to do is go to the game's settings, effects, and return the post-processing filter to default! And that should sort the issue out for you! However, if that doesn't fix the issue, you might want to tinker with the smoke and reflection settings.

Assetto Corsa isn't black and white, but it can be!

The game certainly isn't in black and white, but if you feel like trying out something different, it can be! Assetto Corsa never lets you down with its customization options, and this is one of them! So we're shifting gears from solving your little problem, to a feature that people overlook in AC!

Post-processing filters can make your game look even more immersive and realistic. Some of these filters include mods such as the Natural mod. Which aims to make the game look natural and real, as the name suggests! Another option is the famous AC sol mod, which we've covered before!

Assetto Corsa Natural Mod
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NATURAL: Assetto Corsa's natural mod makes the game look realistic, and with colours all over!

Post-processing filters for AC can make your experience so much better. And it's definitely worth looking into how much post-processing filters change how the game looks. And that's all you need to know!

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