The Crew Motorfest: How to change difficulty

How to change difficulty in The Crew Motorfest

How to change difficulty in The Crew Motorfest

O’ahu may be a beautiful location for The Crew Motorfest, but that doesn’t mean every race will be easy. Players may need to adjust the difficulty of the AI for certain races. So how do you change the difficulty in The Crew Motorfest?

How to change difficulty in The Crew Motorfest

If you’re looking for more of a challenge or finding the AI too easy to beat, you can change the difficulty of The Crew Motorfest in the game settings.

First, open the main menu, then head to the ‘Options’ tab. Then select ‘Difficulty’, scroll to ‘Experience type’, then choose from ‘Amateur’, ‘Intermediate’, and ‘Expert’.

The Crew Motorfest change difficulty
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Before lowering the difficulty down to Amateur, it’s worth noting that a higher difficulty comes with a larger XP difficulty boost, so it might be better to struggle with a higher difficulty rather than ramping it right down.

The Global and PVE (Player versus environment) difficulty settings can also be changed from this menu.

This is the main method, but there is another way to change the difficulty in The Crew Motorfest.

Adaptable gameplay

Just like Forza Horizon 5, The Crew Motorfest monitors your performance in races. If you’re easily winning too many races, you will get a popup on-screen recommending you raise the difficulty settings.

The Crew Motorfest change difficulty
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Likewise, if you’re finishing last in every race, the game will suggest lowering the difficulty to make life easier. This is truly adaptable gameplay, allowing players to start off easy, and then ramp up the difficulty once they have more experience with the game.

Just like with changing the difficulty manually, lowering or raising the difficulty using this method will affect your XP boost. So again, it may be worth muddling through the tougher races to help boost your XP rather than lowering the difficulty and missing out on the bonuses.

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