The Crew Motorfest: Everything you need to know

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The Crew Motorfest: Everything you need to know

It's been nine years since The Crew 2 launched. While Ubisoft has brilliantly supported that title a new entry has arrived: Welcome to The Crew Motorfest!

With a new location, improved visuals and physics, and a massive car list, the franchise's third instalment is a huge leap forward.

Can Ubisoft dethrone Forza Horizon? Here's everything you need to know about The Crew Motorfest.


After five years of development, the wait for The Crew Motorfest is over. The latest entry is Ubisoft's boldest attempt to dethrone Forza Horizon, but does it surpass its rival? Find out in our The Crew Motorfest review.

The Crew Motorfest launch screenshot
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With hundreds of cars, a huge map to explore, and collectibles to find, there's a lot to see and do in O'ahu. From changing the difficulty to choosing the best starting car, our comprehensive guides will help you get the most out of The Crew Motorfest:

Interview with Ivory Tower

In an exclusive interview with RacingGames, Ubisoft Ivory Tower Senior Creative Director Stephane Beley and Associate Creative Director Julien Hummer spoke about how The Crew Motorfest will be more than just a Forza Horizon clone.

You can read our full interview here.

Map: Welcome to O'ahu

Whereas the first two games were set in massive maps covering the entire US, The Crew Motorfest switches locations to the beautiful island of O'ahu in Hawaii. This is a familiar location if you've played Test Drive Unlimited. That's no coincidence either, as many of Ivory Tower's developers also worked on TDU.

The Crew Motorfest map
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In terms of size, the map is roughly the same size as Forza Horizon 5's Mexico but significantly smaller than The Crew 2.

While it's a smaller map, O'ahu is richly detailed with a variety of driving experiences, from racing through the city streets of Honolulu to tearing up volcanic slopes, exploring rainforests.

Car list

With over 600 cars, The Crew Motorfest features the largest vehicle lineup in the franchise's history.

Over 80 of these are new to the series including the Lamborghini Revuelto cover car - the hybrid successor to the Lamborghini Aventador flagship.

The Crew Motorfest screenshot Lamborghini Sian
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You can check out the full The Crew Motorfest car list here.

Boats and planes also provide an eclectic mix of vehicles to explore Hawaii by land, sea, and air. This helps set The Crew Motorfest apart from Forza Horizon.

Year 1 Pass

The Crew Motorfest's launch is just the beginning. The Year 1 Pass will expand your car collection, with 25 cars coming to The Crew Motorfest split into four seasons. For comparison, that's around half of Forza Horizon 5's Car Pass.

September's update added three cars: the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody, Chevrolet Chevelle SS, and BMW M4 Competition Coupe.

The Crew Motorfest Year 1 Pass cars
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When it comes to platforms, The Crew Motorfest isn't short of options.

Both the Ubisoft Store and Ubisoft Connect are available for PC gamers, along with Epic Games. PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S are also available for console gamers, opening The Crew Motorfest to a wide player base. The Crew Motorfest isn't currently on Game Pass, but Ubisoft Plus subscribers can access the open-world racer.


Crossplay multiplayer is sported on all platforms, but only for PVP events. You also can't invite friends from other platforms to join a PVP session.


Three editions of The Crew Motorfest are available for all systems: Standard, Gold, and Ultimate.

The Standard Edition includes the Liberty Walk Pack as a pre-order bonus, which includes the Toyota GR Supra Liberty Walk Edition, an exclusive outfit, and an exclusive car underglow and tyres. As well as three day early access, the Gold Edition includes the Year 1 Pass.

The Crew Motorfest editions
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Topping the list is the Ultimate Edition. In addition to the bonuses in other edtions, the Ultimate Edition comes with the Fitted Ultimate Pack. This gives you access to content designed by Hawaiian artist Keola Rapozo.

When it comes to the price, this varies a little depending on the system you're buying for. Those on PC can get the Standard Edition for £59.99, with console gamers paying slightly more at £69.99.

The Gold Edition comes in at £84.99 and the Ultimate Edition costs £99.99 to pre-order.

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