The Crew Motorfest Season 4 Out Now, Adds 29 New Cars, 2 New Playlists, and More

The Crew Motorfest Season 4 Brings 29 New Vehicles, Two Brand-New Playlists, and More

The Crew Motorfest Season 4 Brings 29 New Vehicles, Two Brand-New Playlists, and More

The Crew Motorfest has roared into its fourth season, with new cars, Playlists, Summit Contests, and so much more arriving in Hawaii. This is on top of a mass of improvements and quality-of-life updates also coming to the Motorfest.

Here’s everything new in The Crew Motorfest Season 4.

New wheels

Eight returning cars and 21 debut arrivals make up the vehicles in The Crew Motorfest Season 4. All returning vehicles are from The Crew 2, with fans eager to hop back behind the wheel of these popular rides.

The Crew Motorfest Season 4 Brings 29 New Vehicles, Two Brand-New Playlists, and More
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All new vehicles will be released across July and August. The Audi RS6 Avant is one of many kicking things off on July 3.

You can find the full list of cars coming in The Crew Motorfest Season 4 here.

Donk Vs Lowrider

Two new playlists are included in The Crew Motorfest Season 4. First up is the Donk Vs Lowrider, pitting two iconic car styles against one another.

The Crew Motorfest Season 4 Brings 29 New Vehicles, Two Brand-New Playlists, and More
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Players can choose to build either a Donk or Lowrider, before facing off against the other side of the battle. Once the battle is settled, players can then create both styles freely.

There's even a Lowrider dancing minigame now in the game.

Donk Vs Lowrider dominates the Motorfest throughout July, with August seeing a return to off-roading. Off Roading Addict Vol.2 begins on August 14, taking players off the streets and into the wild landscape of O’ahu.

The Crew Motorfest Season 4 patch notes

The above updates add exciting new content to the Motorfest, but behind the scenes, there are plenty of other noteworthy additions. Various improvements and quality-of-life updates have been added to improve the overall experience for players.

The Crew Motorfest Season 4 Brings 29 New Vehicles, Two Brand-New Playlists, and More
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This means the Season 4 patch may be quite large for some players. We have listed the patch size for every platform below:

  • PC: 35.41 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 6.658 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 6.466 GB
  • Xbox One: 8.126 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: 10.315 GB

With The Crew Motorfest getting better and better with every update, the game is starting to show signs of becoming the open-world racing giant players have been asking for. Check out the full Season 4 patch notes for The Crew Motorfest below:


  • [New] Playlist: Donk vs Lowrider: Get ready for an epic dive into two iconic car styles!
  • [New] Playlist: Off Roading Addict Vol.2: available on August 14th
  • [New] Difficulty Setting Reminder: We've added a reminder to the Playlist content menu and Summit menu.
  • [Fix] Joy & Excitement: AI does not get stuck anymore!
  • [Fix] Hanauma Waters Event: AI drivers are now better behaved.
  • [Fix] Motorsport Prologue: Fixed instances where some AI cars would go off track after using the rewind feature at the start of the Motorsport Prologue.
  • [Fix] Navigation event exploitation: We've fixed the issue where navigation events could be exploited by creating them in checkpoints. Since this is a completely new behavior, we'll reset the leaderboard for such an event during the July 3 maintenance.
  • [Fix] Raptor X Delicacy Event: Corrected the time format for best lap times in this event.
  • [Fix] Scene 7: The Love Story: The rewards are back to their original values.
  • [Fix] Tallahassee Melee Event: Rally Cars can now be selected in Custom Mode.


  • [New] Dynamic Suspension: Experience this new feature for Low Riders during Free Roam by activating it with the following controls:
    • Xbox: Press B to engage the Dynamic Suspension System.
    • PlayStation: Press circle to activate the Dynamic Suspension System.
  • Press the same button again to toggle between three modes:
    • Regular: Standard suspension behavior.
    • All Directions: Allows dynamic movement in all directions.
    • Lock: Locks the suspension in place.
  • [Fix] Mouse controls now work when using the filter options in the shop.
  • [Fix] Fixed a crash with the latest version of the Logitech GHUB.
  • [Fix] It is now possible to set new key bindings from the Wheel and Accessories menu.
  • [Fix][PS4] Hori Racing Wheel Apex now works as intended.


  • [Changed] Completed Side Activity Status: The status for completed side activities now appears in green on the progress meter of any playlist
  • [Changed] Vehicle Collection Thumbnails: We've optimized loading times for vehicle thumbnails in the Vehicle Collection. Now you can browse your cars more efficiently.
  • [Changed] Horizontal Vehicle Sorting: Vehicles are now sorted horizontally based on their level.
  • [Fix] The main stage title reward text no longer overlaps the image in large text settings.
  • [Fix] Crew members' weather icons in cinematics will now display correctly after adjusting the weather settings in any event. Stay informed!
  • [Fix] Fixed the missing yellow dot icon that indicates a new upgrade is available for a vehicle. Keep your rides up to date!
  • [Fix] Added an "Engine Type" sorting option for filtering vehicles. Customize your collection your way.
  • [Fix] Summit points text no longer overflows.


  • [New] Dashboard Figures & Glass Hangers: Earn these new vanities as rewards throughout the game. Customize your dashboard and add some flair to your ride!
  • [New] Adjustable Rim Size: You can now update rim size on several vehicles that had this option available in The Crew 2.
  • [Changed] Livery Material Modification: You can now edit the "modify material" tab for liveries using the D-pad.
  • [Fix] We've fine-tuned the movement of several rooftop vanities.
  • [Fix] When zooming in on classic vehicles in the customization menu, liveries will no longer get distorted. Enjoy a clear view of your artwork.
  • [Fix] Fixed occurrences where liveries could be applied without player validation. Now your custom designs will be properly authorized.
  • [Fix] All Monster Truck vehicles now handle better while driving in reverse.
  • [Fix] Resolved graphical corruptions occurring on different vehicle parts and models.
  • [Fix] Mileage info will no longer reset to 0 on affected cars.
  • [Fix] Livery display issues on several vehicles.
  • [Fix] Elegant Gold Tire Vanity behaves correctly even at speeds over 10 km/h.
  • [Fix] Liveries that couldn't be applied on certain vehicles can now be applied as intended.
  • [Fix] Certain horn previews no longer overlap with previous horn sounds.
  • [Fix] We've added the missing iridescent paint option to several vehicles in the customization menu.
  • [Fix] Camera issues and placement on planes have been addressed.
  • [Fix] Fixed interior and dashboard issues on several vehicles.
  • [Fix] Retro Alarm Horn vanity now plays a proper preview sound.
  • [Fix] Vehicle color display is now accurate when purchasing a bundle of vehicles.
  • [Fix] Bugatti Centodieci: Top side liveries no longer impact side skirt #2.
  • [Fix] Creators YasidDESIGN X American Petrol: Rooftop vanities no longer clip into the vehicle.
  • [Fix] Ford F-150 SVT Raptor: Supercharger hood visuals no longer clip incorrectly.
  • [Fix] Gordon Murray Automotive T.50: Rim colors have been corrected.
  • [Fix] Koenigsegg Agera R: Left side liveries no longer apply to the right front side of the bumper.
  • [Fix] KTM X-Bow GTX: Front bumpers no longer suffer from texture clipping.
  • [Fix] Maserati Ghibli: Now has the right name.
  • [Fix] Mutsibishi 3000GT VR4 Interception Unit: Rooftop vanities are now correctly placed.
  • [Fix] Porsche 718 SPYDER FITTED Edition: Now has the right name.
  • [Fix] Shelby Cobra 427: Side windows of rear fender #5 no longer clip into side mirrors.
  • [Fix] Volkswagen Eletric R: Underglow projection is now properly aligned.

Main Stage

  • [New] Weekly Challenges: Get ready for exciting weekly challenges on the Main Stage. Test your skills and reap the rewards!
  • [New] Summit Event Difficulty: Adjust AI difficulty directly from the pause menu during a Summit Event. Fine-tune your challenge level on the fly.
  • [Changed] Gameplay modifiers are now factored into Summit points calculations, and the reward flow reflects this change.
  • [Fix] We've fixed issues with the display of rewards on the Main Stage display board in the Car Meet.
  • [Fix] The Mainstage Pitstop Pressure reward will now display correctly in the Car Meet area.
  • [Fix] Previously registered cars will no longer remain in the registration spot during a new Custom Show Rotation.

Main Stage Legacy

  • [New] Leaderboards Addition: Get ready for some more competition! We've added leaderboards for the Main Stage legacy events. See how you stack up against other players.
  • [Fix] Crew members' rankings now update correctly during LAP events in the American Main Stage.
  • [Fix] Events that require a specific vehicle won't fail to validate if only the crew leader possesses that vehicle.
  • [Fix] AFK crew members won't mistakenly appear in the 1st rank during Main Stage events.
  • [Fix] We've fixed instances where events from the Main Stage had incorrect descriptions.
  • [Fix] Podium and reward movie cinematics are no longer too dark after event completion.
  • [Fix] Wrong cars won't haunt your event selection screen anymore. The correct vehicles will be displayed.
  • [Fix] When aborting a Main Stage legacy event in a crew, the leaderboards text now displays correctly.
  • [Fix] Fixed occurrences where wrong objectives were shown for events.
  • [Fix] The racing line won't disappear prematurely at 90% during the SWIFT event in the Performance Showcase month.

Grand Race and Demolition Royale

  • [New] Vehicle Category Previews Before entering a Grand Race, you can now preview the available vehicle categories from the dedicated Activity Menu tile.
  • [Fix] When the mini map is turned OFF in 'Game Settings,' it will now properly deactivate during Grand Race gameplay.
  • [Fix] We've fixed the respawn position on several sections after using Back on Track in Grand Race.
  • [Fix] Off-road sections where the V-Cat was set to Racing have been corrected.

Demolition Royale

  • [Changed] We've increased slipstream intensity in Demolition Royale, making catchups easier.
  • [Fix] Destroying opponents now grants the correct amount of max life in Demolition Royale.
  • [Fix] Other players' planes won't appear transparent anymore.

Car Meet

  • [New] Purchase Other Players' Vehicles: Buy other players' Custom Show registered vehicles directly from the Car Meet.
  • [New] Improved Reward Flow: The Custom Show reward flow has been fine-tuned. Get your rewards smoothly!
  • [New] Vehicle Snapshot Display: During the Custom Show reward flow, a snapshot of your vehicle is now shown.
  • [New] Custom Show Menu Interface: Accessible from the Activity menu, the Custom Show interface now displays a calendar and leaderboards.
  • [Changed] We've changed the avatar spawn location in the Car Meet.
  • [Changed] You can now use a personal livery from the "shared" category to register a vehicle for the Custom Show.
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  • [Fix] Previously registered vehicles won't linger when the Custom Show has ended.
  • [Fix] Reduced camera movement when entering the Custom Show for the first time from the activity menu.


  • [New] Added the following songs:
    • Steve Ouimette - Candy
    • Joey Valance & Brae - HOOLIGANG
    • Busta Rhymes - Break Ya Neck
    • Future - POA
    • Iso Indies - Back in My Bag
    • Xavy Rusan - Ga$ Money
    • Katori Walker - Grand Theft
    • Nbhd Nick - Me vs. Me
    • Jobii - Pico
    • Katori Walker - RNA
    • Iso Indies - Symphonies
    • Xavy Rusan - The Most
    • They Hate Change - X-Ray Spex
    • Ava Low - Terrorize
    • Pusha T - Let The Smokers Shine The Coupes
    • YG - Gimmie Got Shot
    • DJ Quik - Get at Me
    • Dylan Sitts - Absolutely Gutted
    • Dirty Tow Club - Get Loud or Get Up
  • [Fix] The background music from the first MIJ sequence of the prologue no longer overlaps with Malu's speech if you force quit the game during the prologue and relaunch it.


  • [Fix] The neck texture issue on the Hollywood Action! jacket has been resolved.
  • [Fix] Avatars' shoulders will no longer clip through seat belts in several vehicles. Safety and style intact!
  • [Fix] Fixed occurrences where player avatars would mysteriously vanish after a vehicle crash. You'll stay visible now!
  • [Fix] Hair thumbnail colors now match the avatar hair preview color in the customization menu. Keep your look coordinated!


  • [Change] We've made general improvements to enhance stability and performance across the game.
  • [Fix] Fixed occurrences of infinite loading when launching an event in a crew of 4.
  • [Fix][PS4] The game will no longer get stuck after using rewind multiple times during Motorsport events on PS4.


  • [Fix] Affix Part Limitation: You can no longer use multiple of the same affix parts on a single part. During maintenance on July 10th, we will be removing all performance parts that have a double affix. If you want to keep your Legendary parts, make sure to remove the double affix before July 10th to avoid losing them!
  • [Fix] Parts can no longer be scrapped twice.
  • [Fix] The Rocket perk is now available for all vehicle types except Planes.


  • [Fix] Text no longer goes off the screen.
  • [Fix] Pinned activities no longer overlap Freedrive activity timers in large text settings.
  • [Fix] The word "Display" is now correctly translated for all languages in the video settings.


  • [Fix] Fixed "A.L.Caretaker" challenge conditions for Automobili Lamborghini.
  • [Fix] Clean Driving challenges in the "Porsche 911" playlist now correctly complete after achieving a Perfect Clean Driving Score.


  • [Fix] Resolved several texture issues in the game world.


  • [Fix] You can now retrieve the original Caliper Color.
  • [Fix] Improved readability of the new performance indicator when switching performance parts to another vehicle.
  • [Fix] Deleting one custom shape no longer affects the first custom shape.


  • [New] Added its share of new content for this season! Summit, Main Stage, Vanities... You name it!
  • [Fix] Intel Arc GPU is now supported.
  • [Fix] The "Livery Limit Reached" error after moderation has been resolved.

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