DIRT 5: The best Playgrounds arenas you can race RIGHT NOW on any platform

DIRT 5 has been an awesome addition to our racing lives since it landed in November, and not just because we can go sliding around in the mud in an Aston Martin.

The Codemasters off-road racer introduced everyone to Playgrounds, where you can create truly amazing routes and challenges for other players to try and conquer. It really has something for everyone.

We've already explored how to build your own amazing Playgrounds arena, but what are the best out there that you can race on right now?

Let's take a look!


This Gatecrasher event was created by the DIRT 5 team, so of course it's good!

Racing in the Citroen C3 R5, Speedhelix has been played more than 6,500 times by the community.

DIRT 5 Speedhelix 1
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GOING UP: The spirals are tricky to do fast

With a bit of everything, from jumps to cambered hairpins and the spirals, it really tests you.

Why not jump in and see how high up the leaderboard you can get? If you can beat our 1:17.360 we'll be very impressed!

X Games 2020

This Gatecrasher event really tests your precise car control and the ability to sweep through esses and swing the rear end around hairpins.

DIRT 5 XGames2020 1
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ON A RAIL: You need to keep the car precisely where it has to be otherwise watch out!

Created by GTR Technical, you get thrown into the Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo for this thrill ride which will have you racing for over three minutes (unless you are VERY fast!).

We were able to post a 3:20.717, what can you do?


Another DIRT 5 team creation, Velomax is an amazing example of what can be done in Playgrounds with Gatecrasher events.

DIRT 5 Velomax 2 1
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With wall rides, plenty of buses to avoid, and more than a few obstacles that can ruin your run.

We've put in a 2:22.893, but it was far from clean in the awesome Subaru WRX STI RX Supercar. Let us know your time!

Pacman Arena V2

It's not just going gate to gate in Playgrounds. Smash Attack asked you to break balloons to rack up points. Which suits a Pacman remake perfectly!

DIRT 5 Pacman 1
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The amazing Don Joewon Song has recreated Pacman in Playgrounds, with time penalty obstacles that will crush your soul as you try to pick up 33,000 points as quickly as possible.

It's tough to learn an ideal route with this one, but if you practice enough you can fly up the leaderboards.

We were able to do it in 3:21.075 once again in the awesome Subaru WRX STI RX Supercar.

Mile High Club

Gymkhana events are a little different, they don't ask you to beat your time but instead beat your score!

You rack up points by chaining together drifts, donuting around obstacles, or jumping into the sky.

DIRT 5 MileHighClub 2
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This Gymkhana event is even trickier though, as it is tiered and has plenty of edges for you to fall off if your car control lets you down.

It can frustrate you, but it is so satisfying to put together a good run here. Especially as you are in the super cool Audi S1 EKS RX Quattro.

If you struggle to pick up points be sure to check out our guide on getting huge scores in Gymkhana events!

We set a score of 8952, what can you get?

These are the best Playgrounds out right now, but who knows what the future holds for DIRT 5's amazing game mode. Can you create the next Playgrounds masterpiece?

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