DIRT 5 lands on Stadia!

DIRT 5 is Codemasters' latest off-road racer. It's a burst of bright colour, loud engines, and awesome racing that fans have been enjoying for a while now.

And now Stadia players can enjoy it too!

Dive into DIRT 5 on any screen

The great thing about Stadia is the flexibility it offers players, and now they can start chasing glory in DIRT 5.

“We’re delighted to finally bring DIRT 5 to players on Stadia,” said Robert Karp, DIRT 5 Development Director at Codemasters. “Being able to jump into Career, Multiplayer, or Playgrounds from practically any screen is so exciting. We can’t wait for players to share their experiences.”

DIRT 5 Gymkhana
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SHOW OFF: Flex your car control in Gymkhana

The Standard Edition of DIRT 5 lands on Stadia TODAY, and offers players high-octane racing across 70 routes in 10 locations.

In the coming weeks, the Year One Edition will be available on Stadia, which includes post-launch DLC, exclusive vehicles, and extras.

It also has a huge range of cars for players to enjoy, from classic rally cars to true all-terrain beasts, there is something for everyone in its 13 vehicle classes.

DIRT 5 beginner's guide

New to the world of DIRT 5, don't worry we've got your back!

DIRT 5 is easy to pick up, but tricky to master. That's why we put together a guide to help you get faster in every part of the game.

Be it mastering Gymkhana or upping your pace on the ice, we have the content to help you get the most out of your time on DIRT 5 on any platform.


In collaboration with YouTuber ConnerSpeed6, you will find everything you need to be a DIRT 5 champion!

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