DIRT 5: Massive update promised by Codemasters for off-road racer

2021 has rolled into our lives and DIRT 5 looks set to remain a staple of our racing lives.

While Playgrounds keeps us pounding and some refining our Gymkhana skills is always a challenge, more content would certainly refresh things.

Well, Codemasters has promised a huge update to the game to bring some new and amazing content, as well as customisation, to the game.

DIRT 5 Update

Announced via twitter, this update has no firm relrease date or name, but it's an exciting roadmap for the game over the upcoming months.

dirt 5 update content
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INCOMING: This is a LOT of content!

DIRT 5 already has a great roster of cars, so the promise of even more is exciting. The same goes for the new Playgrounds content.

However, the winner here for us is new events and tracks.

New Career events & tracks

While we love Rally Raid and Path Finder, we've already aced the career, so having some extra events is a welcome challenge.

DIRT 5 has taken us to some stunning locations on a global journey, but the promise of even more tracks is mouth-watering.

dirt 5 career
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WHAT'S NEXT: Codemasters created some great modes, but what will be in the next update?

Codemasters has done a great job at making flowing circuits, technical climbs, and wild rides. Where they could go with new tracks we don't know, but we can't wait to see it.


While DIRT 5 does let you create some awesome liveries and create some nice profile looks, the options are limited.

Codemasters promises over 40 new liveries, along with plenty of custom livery options and more profile options too.

DIRT 5 Speedhelix 1
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GET PAINTING: Leaving your car this basic is nearly unforgiveable!

This is great, as designing our own mighty rally beast is always a fun way to spend time in a game.

Community requests

Tucked away at the bottom of the graphic is confirmation that Codies are listening to the DIRT 5 community.

If you have a request about something you want to see in the game be sure to hit @dirtgame on Twitter and use #DIRT5.

What do you want to see in the game?

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