DIRT 5: Red Bull Revolution update adds cross-play to Codemasters' off-road game

DIRT 5 has seen a number of updates since it's launch.

Now, the latest update sees a big change to the game, as well as some pretty awesome new cosmetics and Playgrounds additions.

So, let's take a closer look at this latest update, and what it contains!

Red Bull Revolution

This latest update named 'Red Bull Revolution' sees one huge change added to the game, but more on that later in the article.

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The updates name comes from the Red Bull content contained within. This mainly includes new liveries for multiple vehicles, which we're excited to give a go. This update is available RIGHT NOW for all players, regardless of which edition you bought.


Other additions are a new Red Bull arch for us in Playgrounds mode, more weather options in arena creator mode, and also ghost lap times.


Undoubtedly the biggest change coming to the title with this update is the addition of cross-play, which will open up the multiplayer experience.

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This feature will be available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC (Windows and Steam players), with the feature coming later to Google Stadia players.

This means that multiplayer lobbies can now include players across multiple platforms, and should lead to busier online races, and more exciting events!

Red Bull content and Playgrounds

The reason that update is named Red Bull Revolution is due to DIRT 5 and the energy company teaming up to bring us this content.

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The content includes 8 new Red Bull liveries for players to show off in. These even include designs driven by Timmy and Kevin Hansen in the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

As well as the new Red Bull arch, we also have new weather conditions for Playground arenas in Arizona, South Africa and Italy. So enjoy some wet and windy action across the globe, and add some cinematic, epic moments to your arenas!

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