DIRT 5 Masterclass: Get faster in every game mode with these tips & tricks

Codemasters’ off-road racer DIRT 5 has kept us smiling all winter, but while it may be easy to pick up and play it is tricky to master.

That’s why we’ve partnered up with Codemasters and YouTube content creator ConnerSpeed6 to bring you a true DIRT 5 masterclass.

If you’ve been struggling in Rally Raid or found yourself off the pace in Land Rush, then we have the answers for you.

Take control

The first piece of advice is to turn off all the assists. While helpful for immediate accessibility, sooner rather than later assists like traction control and automatic gears will be holding you back.

Automatic will change gear for you to stop bouncing off the rev limiter when actually that is a very useful technique for exploding out of drifts. Traction control can stop you throwing the rear out with the e-brake and getting extra rotation on hairpins.

Once you are comfortable with the level of assists, it is time to switch at least one of them off!

Use the space

DIRT 5’s huge selection of venues and locations really pop off the screen, and so does the space they afford.

While the AI will stick to the middle third of the track, you have the freedom to push the limits right up to the walls.

DIRT 5 guide
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USE IT ALL: The space is there, so take it!

The best practice is to be wide in, kiss the apex, and use all the space on exit to get the rear of the car back under control and build the power. This isn’t always possible depending on how busy the track is around you and the upcoming corner, but it will let you carry the most speed.

Corner exit is especially crucial for DIRT 5, and using that space to minimise your steering angles will help you get the power down earlier and race away from the competition.

Perfect playground

While we are trying to win online races and dominate career mode, one important aspect to getting better at DIRT 5 is Playgrounds. Why? Well the majority of Playgrounds maps are far more twisty and narrow than those you race around online or in career mode.

DIRT 5 playgrounds 2
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PRECISION: Playgrounds challenges your car control skill

By hitting Playgrounds regularly not only will you encounter some awesome arenas (hello Speedhelix!) but you will improve your car control and technical racing ability. You’ll learn how to chain corners together and where it is best to change gear in an array of cars at different speeds.

It will make hairpins and stadium sections in career mode far easier if you have honed your skills in Playgrounds.

Challenge yourself

So we are getting better. We’ve turned the assists off, we’re flowing through sectors and slicing and dicing the AI. But is it the best AI?

If you are already crushing the AI then go into the settings and turn them up to 11. Marching through medium or even hard AI time and time again won’t help you improve, but taking on very hard will make you get creative with your lines and precise with your passing moves.

DIRT 5 difficulty
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TURN IT UP: Take on the toughest to bring out your best

If you are winning every race, then it’s too easy and you aren’t getting any better!

Practice, practice, practice

Of course, there is one flawless method of getting better at DIRT 5, and that is practice! Only though time on track can you really become one with the car and know just where the bumps to avoid are.

Time Trial is a great place to practice as the clock never lies. It also takes away the AI cars that can interrupt a run or distract you from your apex.

If you implement these tips you’ll be dominating online races and smashing records in no time.

DIRT 5 tracks
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BE PREPARED: Make sure you are trying out a range of vehicles and locations

You can support ConnerSpeed6 by subscribing to his YouTube channel or on Patreon.

With new cars, career mode events, and tracks in development 2021 looks set to be a bumper year for DIRT 5. If you haven’t got it already, you can buy DIRT 5 NOW at all good retailers on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

If you haven’t upgraded to next-gen consoles yet then don’t worry, DIRT 5 is available on Xbox One and PS4, and comes with a free upgrade to next-gen should you pick up the console soon. Just remember discless consoles will require digital entitlement to upgrade.

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