F1 Virtual GP Drivers: Russell, Albon, Latifi, Fittipaldi & more!

So, as COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, another pause has been put on the F1 2021 calendar.

Whilst it will now feature a huge number of races, we're getting some off-season virtual racing.

Let's take a look now at who will be taking to the track for the Virtual Austrian Grand Prix!

Formula One Talent

There are a number of exciting names taking part in this first virtual Grand Prix of 2021.

Belgium Wet TN 1
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MERCEDES: Will Mercedes reign supreme in the virtual Grand Prix?

Firstly, some Formula One talent from this year's teams will be joining the track. George Russell and Nicholas Latifi will be making a return to the big screen.

They pulled out some big results so we're excited to see what happens! In addition, Alex Albon will be racing again, and will be looking to replicate last year's Brazil success which saw him in first place.

Future Stars

There will also be some future Formula One candidates taking to the virtual arena.

Canada Wet TN 1
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CLOSE ACTION: Expect plenty of close racing!

Pietro Fittipaldi and his younger brother Enzo make their way on tot he track along with Oscar Piastri and Christian Lundgaard.

So, make sure to keep your eye out during the action, as it's anyone's race with a grid this big!

Big names

Finally, some former Formula One talent and other big names will be racing around in Austria.

China Wet TN 1
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ALFA TIME: Thibaut will be in the Alfa seat again!

This includes Thibaut Courtois, who will be taking on the role of an Alfa Romeo driver.

Racing YouTube icons Jimmy Broadbent and Ben Daly aka Tiametmarduk will be taking the two McLaren seats this weekend.

In addition, we have Jeffrey Herlings, MXGP World Champion, and former drivers Stoffel Vandoorne and Tonio Luzzi.

Mercedes have also announced the second driver form their lineup, who will be joining Stoffel Vandoorne. This is Anthony Davidson, and we're excited to see what the duo can do!

Complete Lineup

There are some huge names taking part again, and we're excited to see how the action unfolds on track.

For the complete list of drivers taking part, see below!

Driver A
Driver B
Stoffel Vandoorne
Anthony Davidson
Red Bull Racing
Alex Albon
Jeffrey Herlings
Aston Martin
Ben Daly (Tiametmarduk)
Jimmy Broadbent
Christian Lundgaard
Oscar Piastri
Arthur Leclerc
Marcus Armstrong
Tonio Liuzzi
Luca Salvadori
Alfa Romeo
Thibaut Courtois
Jack 'Pie' McDermott
Pietro Fittipaldi
Enzo Fittipaldi
George Russell
Nicholas Latifi
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