V10 R-League returns for Season 3!

The V10 R-League is back. The world’s best sprint format race league is making its return for Season 3!

After a stellar Season 2 won by BMW, V10 R-League returns and it is bigger and better than ever before.

Head-to-head racing

V10 R-League’s unique format pits 10 iconic racing teams against each other in one-on-one matches.

The V10 R-League is split into two blocks of five teams, only the top three teams from each group progress to the playoffs, where a champion will be crowned!

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The one-on-one matches are fought across two relay races and two sprint races at two tracks, with each team picking one location from a pool of five circuits as their “home” track for that match.

The biggest names in sim racing

The V10 R-League, first established in 2020, hosts some of the biggest names in racing. Formula 1 outfits Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing, and Williams send their esports drivers into battle with BMW, Ford, and esports icons Redline in the unique V10-powered single-seater car to fight for sim racing supremacy.

BMW claimed Season 2 victory in a tense final against Aston Martin, which saw Kevin Siggy lead the charge for BMW against Lucas Blakeley and his Aston Martin team.

However, the V10 R-League is far from a one-man show. Each team needs all three of its drivers working in harmony to achieve ultimate glory.

Will BMW be able to retain its crown in Season 3? You can watch all the action!

How to watch

Season 3 of the V10 R-League starts on 3 June!

Fans can tune in on team channels on YouTube along with the official V10 R-League channel at 1pm on Friday 3 June, with races running through to 10pm!

Those in the UK can watch in the comfort of your living room on the BT Sport red button from 1pm-5pm on the BT Sport Red Button and then BT Sport 3 from 6pm-10pm.

The grand final of Season 3 is set to come live from Abu Dhabi at the end of July!

Visit the official V10 R-League website for more.

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