5 classic cars we'd love to race in F1 2021

F1 2021 is right around the corner, and plenty has been revealed about the game.

While Codemasters has confirmed the release date of the title along with the new historic drivers, dubbed Icons, we are yet to see any news about the classic cars that will be included with the game.

F1 games have included some historic machinery for years now, but usually the same roster of cars. What would we love to see Codemasters add to the F1 garage this season?

Tyrrell P34 (1976)

This six-wheeled demon easily has to be the top of our list. How could we not want to race in a six-wheeled Formula One car?

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FOUR PLUS TWO: The six-wheeler will be a handful to drive!

The P34 boasted some awesome reasoning behind the smaller front wheels, as well some incredibly complex front suspension. It claimed victory in the 1976 Swedish GP with Jody Scheckter, the only six-wheeler to ever win a Formula 1 race. Couple that with the 3-litre V8, and you've got a pretty awesome vehicles that we'd love to experience.

Sure, the challenge to getting this car into the game would be enormous, but it would also be spectacular fun to try and master!

Leyton House CG911 (1991)

Next on our list is the Leyton House CG911. This car is known for its innovation, being one of the first to use the Ilmor V10 engine.

1024px Ivan Capelli 1991 USA
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COLOURFUL: The Leyton House CG911 looks amazing! (Stuart Seeger)

Also sporting an incredible livery for the time, the car is an iconic memory in F1's history.

So, one more chance to race in this beast on a classic track sounds absolutely right up our street.

Minardi PS01 (2001)

There was very little special about this Minardi. It's best result was a 9th place in both Brazil and Canada. Its importance is in who drove it.

Mobil Alonso Minardi PS01 2001
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BACKMARKER: Though it never scored a point, Minardi is still a team beloved by many (Maria Isabel Gomez Bravo)

Driven by a rookie Fernando Alonso, the Minardi allowed a true talent to shine even at the back of the grid. The Fiorenzi team turned into Toro Rosso in 2006, and many of those that worked on this car where still there to enjoy Sebastian Vettel's maiden win in Monza in 2008.

Brabham BT46 Fan Car (1978)

No, this strange contraption wasn't made by fans, but rather contains an enormous fan. Well, less contains and more... Carries?

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GET OFFICIAL: An official BT46B would be awesome!

This B variant of the BT46 was the fan car, and was an attempt to rival the Lotus 79 which had the innovative ground effect.

Such a unique vehicle deserves some in-game representation, and we want to see how it performs!

Jordan 198 (1998)

The final car on our list is the Jordan 198. This V10 beast had an awesome livery, and an exhaust note to match it.

But what really helped the livery stand out was the "hornet" livery. The iconic styling featured fangs, eyes, plenty of jagged edges.

Jordan 198 front left Donington Grand Prix Collection
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BE ON EDGE: The creative livery was a winner with everyone (Morio)

It also delivered a memorable 1-2 for the team's first win in Spa, delivering Damon Hill his final victory in Formual 1.

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