F1 2021 Game Ultimate Guide: Complete setups, tips, settings, news & updates

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F1 2021 game is out now and already wowing players.

From My Team to Braking Point, F1 2021 lets you live out your Formula 1 dreams, but it is by no means easy.

Whether you are a 10-year veteran of the F1 games or a complete beginner, this guide contains all the info and tips you need to succeed in F1 2021.

Latest news - Jeddah is here

The final new track has arrived! The Jeddah Corniche Circuit has landed in the game before the drivers even have a chance to try it out.


The new track is a tricky one to master and will require a fair bit of practice for everyone to get used to.

F1 2021 review!

Our F1 2021 review is here! From Braking Point to My Team, new gameplay, and customisation we've tested it all.

So how does F1 2021 stack up? Read the full review here, or watch our video review below!


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Gameplay & Handling

F1 2021 has seen an overhaul in the handling from last year. Cars are more understeery this year, thanks to the overall reduction in downforce of the cars compared to last season. However, that can make for a more predictable car.

F1 2021 Alonso
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WHEEL-TO-WHEEL: You can race closer in the F1 game than the real-life cars can

It will take some getting used to, and some new setups!

F1 2021 setups

Car setups are very track-dependent, but they can also be highly personal and skill-based. What works for an esports driver won't work for a normal player!

We've been hard at work creating stable and predictable setups that you can run and use as a base to make personal tweaks to. Check them out.

Tips & tricks

There is an art to racing in F1 games. The right setup and expensive wheel will only get you so far if you aren't doing the basics right.


If you are starting off don't be afraid to use the assists! From traction control to ABS they can help you get used to the world of F1. Manual gears will be quicker than the automatic assist, but they are also tough to get used to, especially on controller, so don't worry about using the assists to learn, that's what they are there for!

As you get more confident you can peel them off one by one.

Slow in, fast out

Everyone wants to be the last of the late brakers, but unless you are making an overtaking move this isn't always the quickest way to get through a corner. Going deep and beyond the apex will cost you more time than rolling into it because you braked a bit early.

F1 2021 AT Austria
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INCH PERFECT: Getting the angles right can make a corner much faster than first thought!

Also remember to take a wide entry angle. You need to keep at least one wheel inside the white line, which means for a lot of corners you can straddle the car out over the kerb, increasing the turning radius and letting you carry more speed through the corner.

Get your settings right

From camera settings to your wheel feedback, a slight tweak can make all the difference to your comfort during a race and a comfortable driver is a fast driver!

IF you want to follow the example of the fastest man in F1 esports, you can get esports champ Jarno Opmeer's settings here.

Braking Point

Braking Point is a brand-new story mode for F1 2021.

Players get put into the shoes of Aiden Jackson, an up-and-coming Formula 2 driver. Starting in 2019, you will go through a linear story, tracking the career of Jackson up through F2 and into Formula 1.


Spanning three seasons, and with a full cast of characters, opponents, and mentors, Braking Point will see the player tested in F2 and then make their way up into F1, with a selection of teams available for you to use.

Slated at 5-6 hours gameplay by Franchise Director Lee Mather, it should be a terrific journey that gives players the chance to get to grips with both categories of car.

Career Mode

Many thought Codemasters would neglect the standard Career Mode after the introduction and blazing success of My Team last year, but they have renovated and improved the mode for F1 2021.

Firstly, there is a completely new R&D style, both in presentation and process. This will carry over into My Team too, and is a welcome change from the “skill tree” style we’ve had for a few years now.

F1 2021 RD
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There is also, for the first time, a two-player career mode option! For online play, you and a friend (or rival!) can play through the same career mode, doing all the things you would normally interact with by yourself. This can be done as teammates working toward a Constructors title, or as rivals on different teams, battling it out to see who can claim the Drivers title.

There is also a Real-Start option, which will let you start a new career in line with the 2021 season. So when the game launches you can dive into a career mode with all the results from the actual season as well as simmed out R&D development.

My Team

The My Team mode hasn’t been left alone for F1 2021. Along with benefitting from those R&D changes mentioned earlier, a few other things have been added.

Deluxe Edition owners can use those seven icons as teammates, should they be able to afford them! Driver stats will now include a “Focus” stat which relates to their success on-track in your save and their media handling/happiness with the team. A driver with a great overall rating but poor focus could be well off his ultimate pace.

Department events have been bought in, emulating day-to-day tasks and decisions on how to strategise and budget your team.

Expert Race Style

After the addition of a Casual Race Style for new players last year, Codemasters has gone to the other end of the scale and added an Expert one!


This opens up the menu of options like never before to players, allowing those that are well-versed in the F1 games to tweak their own experience. Players will be able to boost AI advancement in career mode for a bigger challenge, or turn off press events if they aren’t interested in that.


Multiplayer is getting a makeover this year, in an effort to make it a bit more accessible and user-friendly.

There is a Beginner Friendly option, where Casual racing will be used so cars a permanently ghosted. This means there will be no torpedos at turn 1 or worries about wing damage.

There’s then an Experienced lobby with standard racing and of course the chance to create custom lobbies.

Server browsing is also updated, with a much cleaner look to give players the key info of a lobby at a glance.

Unfortunately, Crossplay isn't coming to F1 2021, however it isn't something Codemasters has ruled out...


The calendar has been deep in flux for a while now, causing some chaos for Codemasters. Now some of the questions have been answered.

F1 2021 will launch with 21 tracks. 20 of these will be in the Career Mode/My Team calendar, the exception being China. Eventually removed from the calendar, Codemasters has kept this circuit as some of the Braking Point story is set there. It will be available in Multiplayer and Time Trial, and is really a nice bonus track for players.

f1 2021 many silverstone
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NEW CHALLENGE: There will be a lot of new corners to master this year

Post-launch, Codemasters will release a free patch with Imola, Portimao, and Jeddah, taking the total number of full-length circuits to 24.

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