Bahrain GP Preview: Action Zones, Strategy & F1 2020 Setup!

Formula One is back this weekend, and the season is kicking off with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Last year's season saw two races here, on two different variants of the track.

So, let's take a look forward to Sunday's race, and what we should be looking out for!

Action Zones

These are parts of the track where we expect to see the most overtaking, and race-defining moments.

F1 2020 Bahrain T1
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TURN ONE: It's easy to see why this is an action zone!

There are three main zones, T1, T4 and T10. Excitingly, each of them has a different reason for being mentioned also. T1, for example, is at the end of the long, start/finish straight, and so allows a perfect overtaking opportunity.

T4 is straight after back to back DRS Zones, and so poses the end of a rather technical section of the circuit that may throw up some challenges for drivers.

Finally, T10 can be a real offender for lockups. If the same happens this year, expect some interesting racing moments here!


As any player of F1 2020 will tell you, Bahrain is infamous for being tough on the tyres.

F1 2020 Bahrain
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CLOSE RACING: Bahrain often leads to some close battles!

The high-speed corners are a big cause of this, making throttle control vitally important.

It also leads to some pretty extended stints, and drivers driving on some awfully degraded tyres. It sure does make for an exciting race!

F1 2020 Bahrain setup

If you're looking to really find some pace around Bahrain in F1 2020, and soon F1 2021, then give our setup a go. Have your front and rear wing at a standard 6-6.

Bahrain international circuit sakhir gp f1 formula 1
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GO FASTER: The right setup can be a real game-changer!

Set your throttle to 90% on-throttle diff and 75% off-throttle diff. For suspension set your camber at -2.70 at the front and -1.20 on the rear. Your toe should be at 0.07 on the front and 0.26 on the rear.

Next, have your suspension firmness at 7 for the front and 2 for the rear, front anti-roll bar at 10 and rear at 6, and ride height at 3.

Brakes should be set to a pressure of 75% and a bias of 52%. Finally, have your tyre pressures set to:

  • Front right - 23.4 psi
  • Front left - 23.0 psi
  • Rear right - 21.5 psi
  • Rea left - 21.1 psi
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