Bahrain Grand Prix circuit recreated in Minecraft!

We love it when two games come together to make some glorious content for fans.

However, we love it even more when fans make two games (or a game and real-life) come together to make something epic.

We've seen Monza in Minecraft, and drifting also. Now, get ready for Bahrain GP circuit in awesome blocky goodness!

Bahrain remade

One Minecraft and Formula One lover, u/Gabzs_ on Reddit, has lovingly recreated the circuit from real-life in the game, as seen in this Reddit post!

Minecraft Bahrain 1
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The track looks awesome, with a shader pack really helping the circuit to resemble its real-world counterpart.

The track is also accompanied by a full facility, the full Bahrain International Circuit as well as various outbuildings, car parks etc.

Get the map

Excitingly, the map is available for download from the following link: here.

Minecraft Bahrain 2
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LIGHT UP AT NIGHT: The circuit looks very impressive indeed!

This allows players to get their own, local version of the circuit, and facility as a whole, to explore.

Couple this with some awesome go-kart or F1 mods for Minecraft, and that's an afternoon down the drain as you try and master your lap times!

Having a local version also allows players to modify the circuit how they see fit. Want a waterfall in the track? Go for it! Want to add some jumps? Go on then!

Bahrain Grand Prix

The real Bahrain Grand Prix is this Sunday, 28 March, and takes place form 4 til 6PM on the day.

Bahrain international circuit sakhir gp f1 formula 1
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CLSOE ACTION: Expect some close racing on Sunday!

With the cars all revealed, all eyes will turn to the circuit to see how the teams perform.

With new entrants like Aston Martin also looking to prove themselves, it will be interesting to see what happens!

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