Can you create your own team in F1 Manager?

F1 Manager 2022 teams

F1 Manager 2022 teams

Can you create your own team in F1 Manager? That's one of the biggest questions on the lips of Formula 1 gamers ahead of F1 Manager 2022's release.

Can you create your own team in F1 Manager?

F1 Manager 2022 will have the full 2022 Formula 1 calendar included in it. The same goes for the drivers and teams, but can you add an eleventh team to the grid?

F1 Manager 2022 wet Azerbaijan gameplay
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Well, this hasn't been explicitly confirmed nor denied by the developers, but from what we can see, we'd say no.

That doesn't mean to say that there aren't plenty of options available though. There are ten teams you can choose to be the Team Principle in Formula 1. These are the following:

  • Red Bull
  • Ferrari
  • Mercedes
  • Alpine
  • McLaren
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Haas
  • AlphaTauri
  • Aston Martin
  • Williams


Other Formulae

Something that's gone a bit under the radar with F1 Manager 2022 is that it doesn't only include Formula 1. The game also includes both Formula 2 and 3.

Although you won't be able to compete in races in these feeder series, you will be able to poach and sign both staff and drivers from the teams in F2 and F3.

Perhaps an update or a mod will change this later into the life cycle of the game.

Gameplay trailer & release date

If you still haven't seen F1 Manager 22's latest gameplay trailer, you're missing out. Never fear though, we've linked it for you below. This is likely the final trailer before the game's 30th August release date.

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