Codemasters actively working on F1 23 anti-cheat

Cheating is an issue that plagues competitive gaming from elite esports to casual play. Many gamers think of wall hacks in FPS titles when cheating comes up, but it's an issue that plagues sim racing too.

F1 games have been particularly prone to cheating over the last few years, with cheats available that can improve your grip, give you unlimited ERS, and even change your engine power. It's caused chaos in league racing and a huge amount of distrust even at the elite level of racing. But now it looks like F1 23 will finally have an answer to our problems.

F1 23 anti-cheat

After much speculation and wishing, Codemasters has finally confirmed that an anti-cheat is in the works.

First reported by IGN Benelux, senior creative director Lee Mather has given players the reassurance they have been after.

"There is hard work being done on anti-cheat measures for EA Sports F1 23." Lee told IGN. "We plan to add anti-cheat to the game."

The rear of an Alfa Romeo going through turn 1 in Spain in F1 23
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This is excellent news for leagues like PSGL, who have had to remove players from every level of their competition. The negative impact of rampant cheating in F1 22 led to plenty of leagues closing their doors early and a huge degree of toxicity toward emerging F1 Esports drivers.

However, the anti-cheat may not be on the verge of release.

"At the moment, I can't provide an exact date, and it's a very active world. We're aware that it becomes an arms race as soon as you try to stop it. We've tried several times before, but this time we're looking at a broader anti-cheat solution. There's a lot of technology available within EA that we can use. So, it's something that's on our post-launch roadmap."

F1 23 patches

Officially launched a few days ago, F1 23 has been a huge hit with players everywhere thanks to an improved handling model that has made the cars more exciting to drive.

However, as is always the case with modern games, there are some bugs to work out. We've already reported on the red flag bug that has made that new feature basically unusable.

Aiden Jackson comes in for a pitstop in Braking Point in F1 23
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The first major post-launch patch is expected sometime next week, probably Monday 26 June as Codemasters tends to drop patches on a Monday.

Among the things being worked on include a Braking Point issue of being stuck at Chapter 7, an F2 career mode save problem that causes crashes, and two-player career issues. You can see the full list of what Codies is working on here.

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