Devon Butler returns in F1 22!

It's rare to see original characters become entrenched in the community of a sports franchise, but Devon Bultler has done just that.

Ever since he debuted in F1 2019 his smarmy attitude and smug grin has made him a loathed and loved figure in the Codemasters Formula 1 franchise.

While the story mode, and thus Butler, is taking a year off after Braking Point, the driver every loves to hate IS in F1 22.

Just not how you might expect.

Devon Butler returns

While Butler was not included as a character that could race in your My Team or Career Mode save (a missed opportunity in our opinion!), the loveable rogue does make an appearance in F1 22 via F1 Life.

That's right, you can hang Devon Butler's face in your new apartment!

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How to get Devon Butler in F1 22

Butler is now available in the F1 22 Item Shop as a DAILY item.

You only have a very short time left to get him. So make your move NOW!

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Butler costs 1,750 PitCoins, but it's the closest you'll come to stuffing and mounting his smug grin so why not take the plunge and get him.

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