F1 22: Everything you need to know

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F1 22 is rapidly approaching!

We were able to get hands on with a preview build, as well as chat directly to Codemasters about the new game.


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Here is EVERYTHING you need to know!

Latest news - How the F1 22 cars drive

We’ve had the chance to go pounding around a handful of tracks in a preview build of F1 22. The selection of Imola, Miami, COTA, Silverstone, and the Red Bull Ring really tested the cars!


The F1 22 cars have much more weight to them, as Codemasters has done an excellent job translating these heavier beasts to the new game. Perhaps the biggest notable difference is the inertia of the car. With heavier wheels it is harder to push and hustle the car through slow corners. It’s also harder to ride kerbs thanks to lower ride heights. Read our preview for a more complete view of how the handling has changed for F1 22.


Release date

F1 22 has an official release date of 1 July on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC.

However, you can play it early…

Champions Edition

The Champions Edition comes with three days early access! That means you can go racing from 28 June.

Along with that early access players will get new MyTeam Icons, 18,000 PitCoins, and an F1 Life starter pack.

But what exactly is F1 Life?


F1 Life

This new feature in F1 22 is effectively a place to show off your own flair, style, and success on the track.

Codemasters is giving you the chance to live like an F1 driver in F1 22. F1 Life is the location of multiplayer lobbies, and presents as a flat that players can decorate with items and an avatar to dress.

Guanyu Zhou's Alfa Romeo in F1 22
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MIGHTY ALFA: The Alfa Romeo's have been in good form this year

Codemasters is working with a number of as-yet-unamed clothing brands to bring t-shirts, trainers, joggers, jeans and more to the game for players to style their driver with.

Along with all that will be a roster of supercars from Aston Martin, Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes for players to drive in time trial and challenges.


My Team

The successful driver/owner mode returns for F1 22. My Team will see you take control of an 11th team on the grid as both the owner and lead driver.

Players will have to decide where to invest money at the factory, deal with personnel issues, and hire their own teammate.

New for this year are Entry Status options. This lets players pick the kind of team they want to be. Will it be a poor privateer starting right at the back of the grid, or maybe a relatively well-off brand that can compete in the midfield. Or just maybe you will be looking to make the Volkswagen Group’s dreams a reality by entering the sport as an immediate title challenger!

A pack of cars winding through a corner in F1 22
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LEAD THE PACK: Live out your wildest F1 dreams with the official game

Customisation options are also expanded, if still limited, in F1 22. Different paint finishes have been added for you car, allowing players to apply gloss, satin, metallic, or matte looks.


Career Mode

Career Mode also returns, and while little is known of any alteration to the way R&D or driver moves are done, we do know that the feel of race weekends will be changing.

Practice programs are getting a refresh, while there are new options for more interactive formation laps and pitstops. These include positioning your car in the grid slot and turning into your pitbox.

There are also broadcast refreshes, with the ability to take a TV-style view of safety car periods, letting you fast forward the procession and get to the restart faster.

It’s also time to say goodbye to Jeff, as our not-so-trusty race engineer has been replaced for F1 22 by former McLaren engineer Marc Priestley.



For the first time ever, F1 22 will have crossplay! That means players on Xbox, PlayStaton, and PC will be able to race against eachother.

The only caveat is that this is coming in a post-launch update. The reason being Codemasters outsourced to a specialist team to deliver crossplay for F1 22. That team was based in Ukraine, and so for obvious reasons that part of the game will miss launch and be implemented at a later date.


Another first! F1 22 will be VR compatible for PC players.

This means those lucky enough to own an Occulus Quest 2, HTC Vive, etc can now enjoy F1 cars in VR.