F1 22 ULTIMATE GUIDE: Setups, tips, My Team, & more

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F1 22 is coming to an end, but there is still plenty of time to gain out on track.

While eyes are starting to turn to the new season and F1 23, new players are arriving every day on F1 22 looking to get a piece of the thrilling racing action they see on TV.

So whether you want the latest news, tips, or setups, here is EVERYTHING you need to know!

F1 23 vs F1 22: Is it worth it?

F1 23 has been out for a few weeks now. As with most annual sports titles, you might be wondering if it's worth buying F1 23 or sticking with F1 22. Last year's game is also considerably cheaper, so new players might be wondering if F1 23 is worth the asking price.

F1 23 screenshot
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You can find out our verdict if F1 23 is worth buying over F1 22 in our F1 23 vs F1 22 comparison. You can also find out our verdict on this year's title in our full F1 23 review.

Audi show car arrives in F1 22

Ahead of Audi joining the real-life Formula 1 in 2026, the Audi F1 show car and special livery has arrived in F1 22.

The Audi Launch Livery features in the first level of the Podium Pass Series 4 VIP tier and can be used in multiplayer or My Team.

F1 22 Audi show car
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Crossplay multiplayer arrives in F1 22

After extensive beta trials, crossplay multiplayer has arrived in F1 22 for the first time in the series. At long last, this means players can race together on different platforms across PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

F1 22 crossplay
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Crossplay multiplayer is finally available in F1 22 for the first time in the series!


F1 22 is finally here, but how good is it? You can read our full F1 22 review here. Or watch it below!

F1 22 cars & setups

The new cars in F1 22 are a delight to drive, but they are also extremely challenging.

The new regulations have created cars that are heavier and more lumbering, making them tougher to drive at slow speeds than ever before.

Codemasters has also unlocked the aerodynamics settings in F1 22. Where before they would provide a track-specific base and then let you tinker from 1-11, now at every track we have the option to go from 1-50 with our wings!

This means there will be more fine-tuning and tweaking with setups than ever before.

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My Team

While a lot of my team has stayed the same for F1 22, there are a few changes to bear in mind too.

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With new entry point options, different performance from power units, and a few smart tricks that every player should know, our My Team guide is a must-read before you get started on your journey to the top of Formula 1!


For the first time ever the Formula 1 game will have native VR support.

This is limited to PC, and a handful of headsets such as the Occulus Quest 2 and HTC Vive.

We were provided an HTC Vive Pro 2 by the good people over at Vive to try out the VR racing and were blown away.

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While it pushed out 3070Ti to the limit in the menus, the racing was smooth and absolutely thrilling. Flying up Raidillon and through the streets of Monaco in VR was like nothing else.

There are no plans for PSVR support, at least with F1 22.


As ever, there are a huge number of assists for players to utilise that help to make these 1,000bhp beasts more driveable.

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The core ones are automatic gears, traction control, and anti-lock brakes (ABS).

These assists are helpful for new and younger drivers, but ultimately they hold you back from maximum pace.

If you can learn to race without traction control and with manual gears you'll be much faster. As long as you can keep it pointing in the right direction!

Best wheels for F1 22

While F1 22 is a controller-friendly racing game, you get a much better experience with a wheel & pedals.

There are a daunting number of options out there, but we've combed through to find the best for you at any budget.

Check out our comprehensive buying guide!

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