No plans for F1 22 PSVR support

As well as F1 Life, supercars, and crossplay multiplayer, one of F1 22’s headline new features is VR support. For the first time in the series, F1 22 will support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets on PC, adding a new layer of immersion. But what about PSVR support for PlayStation owners?

No plans for F1 22 PSVR support

Speaking with GamingBolt, Codemasters’ F1 22’s Senior Creative Director Lee Mather revealed “there are no immediate plans” for PSVR support “but never say never.” F1 22’s lack of PSVR support perhaps isn’t surprising.

F1 22 Miami cockpit screenshot
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VR will add "a new level of immersion" to F1 22.

While the PSVR headset launched back in 2016, none of Codemasters F1 games has offered PSVR support.

With PSVR 2 reportedly delayed until early 2023, console players may have to wait until F1 23 to experience an F1 game in VR.

A new level of immersion

Fans have been requesting VR support in F1 games for years, but Codemasters has waited until the technology evolved to provide an uncompromised VR experience.

While we haven’t seen any F1 22 VR gameplay yet, Mather is excited about what VR will bring to the series. With a visceral sense of speed and a new level of immersion, players will experience what it’s like to hurtle around a circuit in a Formula 1 car at 200 mph in VR.

F1 23 Miami screenshot Ferrari
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PlayStation owners may have to wait until F1 23 to play an F1 game in VR.

“The player will feel what that’s like. They’ll be able to admire the amazing detail within the cockpit, and really feel the scale of the circuits surroundings and elevation changes,” said Mather.

“There’s nothing quite like looking straight at the track in front of you when heading through Eau Rouge at Spa. Paired with our incredible binaural audio, the player will experience a new level of immersion for the series.”

Release date

As for the release date, PC players will finally get to try F1 22 in VR when the game launches on 1 July. F1 22 will also release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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