F1 22 crashes into The Sims with F1 Life

F1 22 marks a new era for Formula 1 games. Not only is it the first F1 game with EA’s full involvement after acquiring Codemasters for $1.2 billion, but it’s also the first F1 game based on the new 2022 regulations.

These changes make the cars in F1 22 noticeably heavier, more challenging and more rewarding to drive, testing player skill levels. F1 22 also introduces adaptive AI, s revamped My Team mode, and crossplay multiplayer, which is coming in a post-release update.

One of F1 22's most surprising features is a new mode called F1 Life. Simulating the lavish lifestyle of an F1 racing driver, F1 Life serves as a customisable hub space where you show off your clothing, trophy, and supercar collection.

While Codemasters and EA haven’t shown F1 Life in-game yet, F1 22 Senior Creative Director Lee Mather revealed new details about this intriguing new mode during an online F1 22 preview event.

Personalise your space

As Mather explains, F1 Life is a new location in F1 22 where players can “stamp their own customisation and flavour onto the front end of the game.”

It allows players to show off their supercar collection as well as driver clothing and cosmetic items. F1 Life also lets players display trophies in a virtual trophy cabinet, showcasing their racing achievements to envious friends.

F1 22 screenshot Williams
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F1 22 Life lets you create your own personal hub to show off your clothing, trophy, and supercar collection

F1 Life is the location for multiplayer lobbies, meaning you can visit your friend’s F1 Life space and see how their character is dressed. Not only can you customise your driver’s racing suit, gloves, helmet, and car, but you can also change your character’s appearance during downtime between races.

A screenshot showed a player’s driver dressed in a casual t-shirt and jeans. Codemasters and EA are working with clothing brands to bring apparel such as t-shirts, trainers, joggers, sunglasses, and caps into the game.

Clothing items can be unlocked via Podium Pass, but Codemasters and EA didn’t confirm if they can be bought with microtransactions.

F1 22 screenshot Aston Martin
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Codemasters and EA are working with clothing brands for F1 Life

This level of customisation also extends to your space, too. In F1 Life, you can personalise your living space with decorative items from the in-game brand shop store, from wall coverings to furniture and flooring.

It all adds a level of personalisation not seen in an F1 game before, combining elements from The Sims and PlayStation Home, Sony’s forgotten social platform with customisable avatars and spaces that launched on PlayStation 3.

Supercars debut in F1 22

Supercars are also new to F1 22. Not only can you show off your swanky collection to your friends, but you can also drive supercars in F1 22’s new Pirelli Hot Laps mode available in Career and My Team.

Supercars from the likes of Ferrari, McLaren, and Aston Martin may sound out of place in an F1 game, but Mather explained how the new mode is inspired by F1’s real-life Pirelli Hot Laps programme. This sees F1 drivers take celebrities and journalists around the track in supercars at high speed, showcasing their driving skills and scaring their passengers senseless.

F1 22 supercars McLaren 720S
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We got a sneak peek at the McLaren 720S in the Miami circuit trailer

In F1 22, you can jump into supercars between races and test your skills in new Autocross, Drift, Average Speed Zone, and Rival Duel challenges, as well as Time Attack, Checkpoint Challenge, and Pursuit modes. Supercars are also available in Time Trial mode.

As expected, only supercars from F1 team manufacturers will feature in F1 22. Confirmed supercar manufacturers in F1 22 include Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG, Aston Martin, and McLaren, pitting F1 22 against Forza and Gran Turismo. Supercars are unlocked by completing challenges.

Again, we’ve yet to see the supercars in action or see how they handle, but the Miami Grand Prix trailer showed a sneak peek of the McLaren 720S being put through its paces. However, thanks to reliable EA insider Tom Henderson, the full F1 22 supercar list has allegedly leaked early, though it isn’t verified by Codemasters.

Aston Martin Vantage safety car
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For the first time in the series, you can drive safety cars in F1 22!

For the first time in an F1 game, you can also drive the Safety Car – something that Mather and the F1 game team have wanted to implement for a long time.

While you won’t be taking on the role of the safety car driver in races, you can drive the official 2022 Aston Martin Vantage and Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series safety cars in Time Trial. Codemasters confirmed that Safety Cars will be “Deluxe bonus items,” but we suspect they may also be purchasable via PitCoins.

Effectively F1 meets The Sims, F1 Life looks like a fun diversion from F1 22’s intense racing action based on what we’ve seen so far. Hopefully, Codemasters and EA will show more of F1 Life in trailers and screenshots closer to release.

Release date

If you need a reminder of the release date, F1 22 releases on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on PC on 1 July. If you can’t wait until then, preordering the deluxe Champions Edition gives three days early access on 28 June.

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