Crossplay CONFIRMED as post-launch feature for F1 22

One of the biggest requests for the new game has been F1 22 crossplay.

In fact, crossplay has been a theme among the F1 community for the last two or three years thanks to other genres of games rapidly integrating the feature.

After DIRT 5 and GRID Legends included the feature we hoped F1 22 would, and now we know it will!

F1 22 crossplay confirmed

After the cross-gen mixup in communications, the presence of crossplay was up in the air.

Following our discussion with Senior Creative Director Lee Mather we now know it will be coming to F1 22, just as part of a post-launch update.

Performance across platforms has been a hot topic among the F1 community, but Lee put that controversy to bed.

"It's really hard to gauge because it's hard to get someone that is so consistent you can place them on a PC, an Xbox, and a PlayStation and get exactly the same output and outcome." He said.

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"There's no doubt that the controllers feel different [...] but everything we do we do to ensure those games are identical."

Of course, a high-end PC with better frame rate would be a benefit for a player over a console, but Lee went on clarify once again that "We do everything we can to ensure our physics run exactly the same on every platform."

Why not at release?

Codemasters was clearly planning for crossplay to be a release feature for F1 22. However, it won't be as it is missing that window and coming as a post-launch feature instead.

But why was there a setback? Again, Lee Mather gave us the details.

"The team we've partnered with to do the crossplay work were located in Ukraine." Lee explained to us.

"So something that we could never foresee, unfortunately, meant that that's going to take a little bit longer than expected."

That is understandable to say the least!

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"They've been so great to work with." Said Lee, and explained that Codemasters has prioritised the teams safety over producing the work.

Lee noted that two-player career and unranked lobbies are likely to benefit the most from the addition of crossplay, and we can't argue with that!

It's likely to see a change in structure to many league racing organisations, and good be an enormous boost to the multiplayer life of F1 22.

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