F1 24 Update 1.6 Brings More Handling Changes

F1 24 V1.6 Update Changes the Handling Once Again

F1 24 V1.6 Update Changes the Handling Once Again

The next F1 24 update has now been released with Codemasters bringing some big changes. Along with general improvements to the game, the update 1.6 patch once again changes the handling model that is still splitting the fanbase.

Let’s take a look at what’s in the F1 24 update 1.6.

Handling 3.0

The headline change in F1 24 V1.6 is the handling. This is the third main iteration of the handling since F1 24 launched back in May.

After being overhauled only a week after launch, Codemasters still weren't entirely happy with how cars behave during races. As a result, update 1.6 brings yet another version of the handling model for players to get to grips with.

F1 24 V1.6 Update Changes the Handling Once Again
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The update rebalances medium traction control behavior, changing the way the car grips during cornering and throttling. Kerbs also now have a more noticeable impact when cars pass over them, in particular the notorious sausage kerbs.

This creates more jeopardy for those who leave the track where these kerbs are sited. Tracks like the Red Bull Ring, Monza, and the Circuit of the Americas now punish drivers who previously could leave the circuit without gaining a disadvantage.

Changes have also come to the engine braking and brake pressure. Cars no longer lock up with higher engine braking settings, while the AI will now be less likely to lock up when using lower brake pressures.

Finally, tyre pressures now have a more significant impact on the heat and grip of the rubber. This could affect setups if the change is excessive.

These handling changes will greatly affect the way racers drive around each track, but they aren’t the only changes in update 1.6.

F1 24 update 1.6 patch notes

The handling takes most of the attention, but there are many other changes in update 1.6 that will heavily impact F1 24.

Pitstop times are reduced thanks to pit crews in Driver Career being retrained. This prevents drivers from being stranded in the box for reasons beyond their control.

F1 24 V1.6 Update Changes the Handling Once Again
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Elsewhere, F1 cars no longer appear on the F2 leaderboards in Time Trial. This makes the timing system a whole lot fairer for those wanting to post their best times.

The overall game stability, graphics, and visuals of F1 24 have also been improved in update 1.6. PS4 and Xbox One players will see better broadcast pit stops, while PC racers will see the Frame Generation work more effectively.

All these changes should lead to a smoother race for everyone. F1 24’s V1.6 update is out now having been released on July 8. You can see the full patch notes for V1.6 below:


  • Rebalanced the Medium Traction Control setting
  • When driving over kerbs, cars will now be more unsettled, with sausage kerbs in particular having a greater impact on vehicle stability
  • Fixed an issue in Time Trial where in certain circumstances times set with an F1 car could appear on F2 Leaderboards
  • Fixed an issue where a specific Specialist Goal could prevent a career save from loading correctly
  • Pitcrews in Driver Career have received some training so pitstop times have generally been improved


  • Improved presentation quality of Broadcast Pit Stops on PS4 & Xbox One
  • If an AI is the Driver of the Day in a Multiplayer race they will no longer appear with the Fanzone Expression label of the player
  • Fixed an issue where tyre warmers were clipping slightly with the tyres on some cars
  • Improved lighting on character models of My Team Icons when beginning a Career
  • 'Frame Generation' will work more effectively on PCs which have this option available and enabled


  • Having a very high amount of Engine Braking is now less likely to cause the player to lock up their brakes
  • AI are now less likely to lock up when using a low amount of pressure on their brakes
  • Tyre pressure adjustments will now have more of an effect on tyre grip and heat

Game stability

  • Fixed an issue where the Drivers' tab could become unresponsive after viewing Lap Times in the Race Director
Do you think F1 24 needed yet another new handling model? Let us know below!
  • Fixed an issue where the player could select two options at once in the Practice menu, which resulted in the game being stuck


  • Fixed a metal grate on the outside of turn 1 at Portugal so it no longer registers as a minor collision with a vehicle passing over it
  • Fixed a rare issue in One Shot Qualifying at Silverstone where the AI could drive wide to invalidate the next lap before the player gains control of the car


  • Fixed an issue where your engineer could incorrectly tell you that your teammate is outperforming you


  • Added support for the Cammus C5 Wheel


  • New 'Champions' images added to the Compendium, replacing the previous entries. All previously unlocked stickers will remain unlocked for these new images
  • Fixed an issue where ten second penalties would only last five seconds during a pitstop
  • Updated the logo on the Ferrari garage monitors
  • Fixed an issue where the number of laps shown as available in a Practice Programme could be incredibly high
  • Various UI improvements in many areas of the game have been made
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various Minor Fixes

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Do you think F1 24 needed yet another new handling model? Let us know below!