More F1 24 Handling Changes Are Coming

More F1 24 handling changes are coming

More F1 24 handling changes are coming

Despite already receiving a major overhaul only a week after release, more changes are planned for F1 24’s handling. With Codemasters seemingly still not 100% happy, these changes will once again change how cars perform out on track.

Let’s take a look at the handling changes coming soon to F1 24.

Update: Codemasters has since revealed the V1.6 update will introduce the changes mentioned below.

Additional improvements

F1 24’s handling has been divisive, to say the least. Despite receiving major input from three-time world champion Max Verstappen, many criticized the handling when the game first launched.

More Handling Changes Are Coming to F1 24
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This led to both the handling and physics being changed only a week later, reverting their respective models closer to those found in F1 23. Although pleasing the majority of sim drivers and content creators, large parts of the fanbase weren’t happy with these changes.

It seems Codemasters still aren’t happy with the handling either. The latest update to F1 24’s community-raised issues page has seen a new entry related to handling in the awaiting patch section.

The list of planned changes awaiting a patch includes “additional smaller handling improvements.” These improvements will be enacted alongside the existing handling change on the list and designed to adjust the medium traction control setting.

Quite how radical these changes will be is yet to be determined. Hopefully, the tweaks will be minimal, improving the existing handling and physics rather than another major overhaul.

However, it’s not just the handling that could change how cars behave. Another aspect awaiting a patch will also play a huge part in racing.

Destabilized driving

One issue players have raised with F1 24 is the lack of punishment for going off track. Kerbs dotted around the circuits barely affect the cars, with no need to slow down to cross them.

More Handling Changes Are Coming to F1 24
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Even the largest sausage kerbs feel pancake-smooth when driving over them at speed. This is vastly different from the real world of F1, where these kerbs, especially at tracks like Austria, can cause severe damage and destabilized driving when cars pass over them.

Codemasters plans to change several kerbs in F1 24 to reflect how they behave in the real world more realistically. A future patch will make “kerbs and sausage kerbs more obvious, unsettling the car more when driven over.”

This means that finally leaving the track will have a noticeable affect on car performance. Players will have to skillfully reenter the circuit without just powering the throttle as they currently do.

Finally, online races won’t just be filled with cars crossing the white line on every corner with no consequences. Now, anyone found leaving the track could also see themselves either nursing a damaged car or facing the wrong way on the run-off area.

There's no date for the next F1 24 patch yet, but we should find out more from Codemasters soon.

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