PlayStation VR2 reportedly delayed until 2023

Announced back in January, Sony’s PlayStation VR2 headset for the PS5 will potentially revolutionise racing games. The prospect of playing Gran Turismo 7 in VR is incredibly exciting. But since the announcement, Sony has been frustratingly quiet about PSVR 2.

Although there was no official release date, a Christmas 2022 release was expected. But according to a new rumour, PSVR 2 is being pushed back until 2023 due to an internal delay.

PlayStation VR 2 reportedly delayed until 2023

In a report for Display Supply Chain, analyst Ross Young claims PSVR 2 will launch in 2023 and feature AMOLED screens.

“VR display shipments to rise > 50% to > 15M in 2022 despite delays to 2023 at Apple and Sony,” Young wrote in a Tweet sharing the report.

This suggests Sony originally planned to release PSVR 2 later this year. But with supply issues still plaguing the PS5, delaying PSVR 2 until 2023 makes sense from a business perspective to maximise sales.

PlayStation VR2 headset design
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PlayStation VR2's technology could revolutionise racing games

According to Young, the PSVR 2’s AMOLED panels will have a pixel density “well above 800 PPI,” which is a “record high for mass-produced AMOLED.”

AMOLED panels will allow for higher contrasts and “no visible screen door effect,” increasing the visual clarity and immersion in VR racing games on PlayStation 5.

Will Gran Turismo 7 support PSVR 2?

Naturally, the question on our minds is will Gran Turismo 7 support PSVR 2? Unfortunately, this question remains unanswered. But there’s hope.

Gran Turismo 7 screenshot cockpit
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Sony hasn't confirmed if Gran Turismo 7 will support PSVR 2

Gran Turismo is Sony’s flagship PlayStation racing game franchise. It would make sense, then, for Sony to use GT7 to showcase the PSVR 2's prowess. Kazunori has also shown enthusiasm for VR technology and what it will bring to racing games.

Gran Turismo Sport is also VR compatible, so we would be surprised if GT7 doesn’t support PSVR 2. But if this latest rumour is true, we won’t be playing GT7 in VR until 2023 at the earliest.

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