F1 22 Japan Setup: My Team, Online, Career Mode & more

Suzuka is a quintessential drivers circuit, but that means you need a serious F1 22 Japan setup!

With its famous esses section and very few straights, it is a tricky track to master.

This setup has been updated for patch 1.06 handling change

F1 22 Japan setup

From the Degners to 130R and Spoon, Suzuka is one of the most recognisable circuits in the world.

It's also one of the hardest to be consistently quick around.

There are very few moments for rest around Suzuka, both for you and the car. So tyre preservation and consistent performance is key.


While this track is basically all corners, that doesn't mean you need all the aero performance.

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We've gone with 25-20 on the wings. This gives you the rear stability to fly through the esses and the top speed to make moves into the final chicane.



This part of the setup dictates how power is pushed through the rear wheels and into the tarmac.

F1 22 Japan setup transmission
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We've gone for 55% on-throttle differential to get the power through the rears in a stable and controllable manner.

The 50% off-throttle differential gives some extra rotation into the corners.

Suspension geometry

The meta hasn't changed too much this year for this part of the setup.

F1 22 Japan setup suspension geometry
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We've gone with -2.50 on the front camber and -1.00 for the rear camber. Then it's 0.05 on the front toe and 0.20 on the rear toe.


This part of the setup is pretty personal and depends on driving style, but our settings will provide a predictable and reliable base to work with.

F1 22 Japan setup suspension
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The 1-2 suspension and 3-1 anti-roll bars let the weight transfer smoothly without any snaps and keep the front-end responsive into the corners.

The 5-6 ride height allows you a little leeway with the kerbs, but you can't throw the car over the first Degner or the final chicane like you used to.


Stopping power is always crucial, but especially when overtaking chances are few and far between.

F1 22 Japan setup brakes
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The 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias gives you maximum stopping power when you need it the most.

If you find you are locking up too much then drop the brake pressure a few points.


The new 18" Pirelli tyres are tricky to understand sometimes.

F1 22 Japan setup tyres
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We have found good success with 22.5 psi on the fronts and 21.3 psi on the rears. It doesn't spike surface temperatures unless you are getting far too firm on the brakes, and wear is good in 50% and 100% races.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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