F1 22 Portugal Setup: Portimao setup, online, Grand Prix mode

The first DLC track has arrived and we are off to Portimao, here is our F1 22 Portugal setup!

The track arrived with Update 1.07, and is a welcome freebie for players everywhere.

F1 22 Portugal setup

The Algarve track is a beautiful rollercoaster of a circuit. Full of elevation changes, mid-speed corners, and only a few overtaking spots for the truly brave.

While it feels similar to Imola or Spain, the setup required is quite different.


The Portuguese track is almost all corners, but that doesn't mean you need to pile the wing on.

F1 22 Portugal setup aerodynamics
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We've gone for 18-24 wings around Portimao. It will give you enough stability to get through the corners and cope with the hills. It should also keep you competitive down the pit straight to lineup an overtake.


This part of the setup describes how that 1,000 bhp that sits behind you gets pushed through the rear tyres.

F1 22 Portugal setup transmission
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The 60% on-throttle differential gives you some more rear performance on corner-exits without risking the back end overtaking you.

The 50% off-throttle differential gives you good rotation coming into corners.

Suspension geometry

As always, we've gone with the usual meta for suspension geometry.

F1 22 Portugal setup suspension geometry
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That means -2.50 on the front camber and -1.00 on the rear, along with 0.05 on the front toe and 0.20 on the rear toe.


This part of the setup is very personal, but these settings will give you a responsive and stable car.

F1 22 Portugal setup suspension
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The 1-3 suspension and 1-6 anti-roll bars create a car that doesn't snap or slide on you as long as you aren't pushing too hard on your steering and throttle inputs. Portimao is all about smoothness, and this setup rewards that.

The ride height of 6-5 restores some of the rear stability we've lost from the tyre pressures as well as letting you ride some kerbs on corner exits.


As ever, you want maximum stopping power where possible.

F1 22 Portugal setup brakes
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We're using 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias for this setup.

If you are starting to get some locking up then just drop the pressure by a few points. However, you shouldn't really need to, there aren't many brutal braking zones here.


The Pirelli tyres are tricky to get right this year.

F1 22 Portugal setup tyres
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We've found good performance from 23.3 psi on the front tyres and 21.5 psi on the rears.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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