F1 22 Netherlands Setup: Zandvoort setup, Online, Career Mode & My Team

The Orange Army awaits at Zandvoort, and if you want to win you need this F1 22 Netherlands setup!

The Dutch track is a thrilling ride but one that is hard to master, especially if you don't have a good setup.

This setup has been updated for patch 1.06 handling change

F1 22 Netherlands setup

Zandvoort is a flowing ribbon of tarmac laid over the North Sea sand dunes.

It's an awesome track to hotlap but one that is tricky to race thanks to its narrow nature and lack of overtaking opportunities.

That means qualifying and tyre strategies are crucial, as well as ERS management.

This setup will give you the confidence to push hard in qualifying but will look after the tyres in the race.


With so many high-speed curves and long sweeps you need good aerodynamic performance in Zandvoort.

F1 22 Netherlands setup aerodynamics
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We've gone with 42-38 on the wings to provide the downforce needed. It should also keep you competitive down the pit straight for overtakes.


This part of the setup is all about getting power through the rear wheels and into the asphalt.

F1 22 Netherlands setup transmission
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We've gone with 55% on-throttle differential to give you a strong rear when you get on the power out of the corners.

The 50% off-throttle differential provides extra rotation when on the brakes.

Suspension geometry

Suspension geometry hasn't changed much in F1 22.

F1 22 Netherlands setup suspension geometry
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We've gone with -2.50 and -1.00 for the cambers along with 0.05 and 0.20 for the toes.


Suspension is a highly personal section, but these settings should provide a very stable and predictable car.

F1 22 Netherlands setup suspension
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We've gone with 4-1 on the suspension and 3-1 on the anti-roll bars. This creates a responsive front-end and stable rear that will get into the corners well.

The ride height is set to 7-5, which lets you ride those kerbs a bit more to open the corners up.


There aren't too many big stops at Zandvoort, but we still want all the power we can get!

F1 22 Netherlands setup brakes
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We've gone with 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias to give maximum stopping power,

This can lead to lockups if you aren't careful on the brake pedal though. So drop the pressure by a few points if you find you are getting too much tyre smoke!


The new Pirelli tyres are tricky to get right.

F1 22 Netherlands setup tyres
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We have had good success around Zandvoort with 22.8 psi on the front tyres and 21.5 psi on the rear tyres.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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