*UPDATED* F1 22 Jeddah Setup: Saudi Arabia setup, online, My Team, Career & more

The Jeddah Corniche circuit is still relatively unknown to many, but this F1 22 Jeddah setup will help you.

The Saudi street circuit is a tight, sweeping, and high-speed circuit full of blind corners and fast chicanes.

It's not the easiest track to learn or be fast at, but this setup will help you!

F1 22 Jeddah setup

Moved from the back of the calendar to second, players will be encountering the Jeddah track early in their career mode and My Team saves.

This setup is all about stability and consistency. It's no good having a lightning-fast setup if the rear of the car is always on the verge of overtaking the front. Once tyre wear kicks in or you find yourself on the hard compound, this setup will help you!



Codemasters has fully unlocked the aerodynamic potential for players this year, which means wings have a 0-50 range rather than 1-11.

F1 22 Jeddah setup aerodynamics
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LOW CUT: We don't want much drag for this setup

We've gone with 16-18 wings for this setup. It may feel low but it gives you enough high-speed grip for the sweeping corners and keeps you lean down the straights.



This part of the setup is about how the 1,000 bhp under your right foot goes through the rear tyres.

F1 22 Jeddah setup transmission
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GET THE POWER DOWN: This will aid stability

The 70% on-throttle differential will help keep the rear of the car in line as you accelerate.

Meanwhile, the 54% off-throttle differential will help combat the understeer that is inherent in the Codemasters model.

Suspension geometry

This part of the setup is about how the tyres are connected to the body of the car.

F1 22 Jeddah setup suspension geometry
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THE USUAL: It doesn't look like the meta has changed here

We've gone with -2.50 front camber and -1.00 rear camber along with 0.05 front toe and 0.20 rear toe.


This part of the setup is usually the most personal part of the whole setup.

F1 22 Jeddah setup suspension
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RAKE: We've created a bit more rear downforce with the rake

We've gone with 3-8 on the suspension and 4-8 for the anti-roll bars.

This creates a very stable platform that is responsive but doesn't overly stress the tyres through those extended curves that Jeddah is famous for.

The ride height is set to 5-5. This creates a stable base to flick through the sweeping curves of the Corniche circuit.


Stopping power is crucial for overtaking, and thankfully it looks like we can max it out in F1 22.

F1 22 Jeddah setup brakes
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STOPPING POWER: We want it all

We've gone for 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias.

This provides maximum stopping power and the least chance of locking up. If you are finding you do still lock up then just drop the brake pressure by a few points.


Pirelli's new 18" wheels will take a while to fully understand, but right now we've found joy with this setting for Jeddah.

F1 22 Jeddah setup tyres
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PUMP IT UP: The rear tyres need some higher pressures

We've gone with 23.3 psi on the front tyres and 21.5 psi on the rear tyres.

This will keep the temperatures in the window and not cause any excess tyre wear.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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