F1 22 China Setup: Online, multiplayer race setup

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The second DLC track has now arrived, here is our F1 22 China setup!

Update 1.10 has arrived with plenty of free goodies for players, but the biggest win for racers everywhere is a new track to compete around.

F1 22 China setup

The Shanghai International Circuit has seen plenty of amazing races, and is set to finally return to the F1 calendar in 2023.

It's a circuit full of long right-handers and big straights. It needs the right setup if you are going to win races here.


The kilometre-long back straight provides an excellent overtaking opportunity, but to get there you have to navigate some tricky corners.

F1 22 China setup aerodynamics
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We've gone for 22-17 with the wings. This provides good front bite for the hairpins and trickier corners and enough rear stability to survive the long right-handers while keeping you fast down the straights.



This part of the setup describes how that 1,000 bhp that sits behind you gets pushed through the rear tyres.

F1 22 China setup transmission
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The 60% on-throttle differential gives you some rear performance on corner exits without risking the rear becoming unstable.

The 52% off-throttle differential provides nice rotation coming into the corners.

Suspension geometry

There is no reason to stray from the usual settings here.

F1 22 China setup suspension geometry
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That means -2.50 on the front camber and -1.00 on the rear, along with 0.05 on the front toe and 0.20 on the rear toe.


This part of the setup can be highly personal, but these settings provide a good baseline of stability and predictability.

F1 22 China setup suspension
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We've gone with 2-1 on the suspension and 5-1 for the anti-roll bars.

This keeps the car nicely inline through the sweeps and long corners as long as you aren't too erratic with your pedal inputs.

Ride height is set to 10-8 which lets you use the kerbs (especially on the final corner) and gives some room for aero performance around the long corners.


As ever, you want maximum stopping power where possible.

F1 22 China setup brakes
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We're using 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias for this setup.

If you are starting to get some locking up then just drop the pressure by a few points.


The Pirelli tyres have been very hard to get right this year.

F1 22 China setup tyres
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We've gone with 22.5 psi on the front and 21.3 psi for the rears.

If you are looking for ultimate pace then maximise the rear tyre pressure but for 25% races or longer you will want to use these.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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